Dear Shannen

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Dear Shannen

Postby nina » Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:10 pm

I rewrite my message since he disappeared on the old forum :(

First, I will summarize by saying "The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of" because I love you and respect you from my heart and I can't really explain why!

I've known as Brenda and I fell in love with your character thanks to you, your talent.
I was and am a fan of Brenda / Dylan, it was a beautiful couple, hard, complicated, magical, passionate. They were young but their love wasn't childish. It's THE couple of Beverly Hills

Then, I followed your career (Charmed, movies, TV) and I look forward to seeing your new projects

You're a talented actress! You have the ability to make us feel all the emotions.
And I also appreciate the person you are! An independent woman, strong, with character, but also nice close to her fans (from what I read), smart, beautiful, honest ...
I love that you have confidence in you (I want to be like you)

I have some questions. I hope you can reply whenever you have time

- Does your book will be sold in France? And if so, when?

- Are you still friends or in contact with Luke Perry? For watching the reunion, there really was a complicity (bond) and the chemistry was still there.
- You will accept an interesting project including Luke?

- Have you enjoyed coming to Disneyland Paris in 2009? Who invited you? ask because I like that invites you to come and sign your book in Paris if it's planned that it goes out here

I hope that I can one day meet you and if your book is published here, you sign it to me

Sorry for my English, I'm French

With all my love and respect ♥

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Re: Dear Shannen

Postby Elizabeth Walters » Mon Feb 06, 2012 3:06 am

nina,kika?whaterever your name is?
i'm elizabeth...and i have problems too.ok from the bottom of my heart,i know shannen is a very good,nice,and friendy person because everyone loves you and me.i don't know when she works
and when she don't...but most of the time she is very busy,working a lot,and i'm sure she would want to answer most of our posts.but most people...not saying you are one of them,but most people when they get obbsessive with someone and don't know when to cool off for a bit,they get in trouble.that is the main reason why i cooled off of her a bit.because i want to meet her and follow my what i'm trying to tell you is:
"go on reach for the stars and follow your dreams,go on out there and tell the world who you are and who'd you're gonna be!"you have the chance to.i wish i had the chance to be also...but 1 day i'm sure i will have the chance to be.BE POSSITIVE AND NOT NEGGAVIVE ABOUT YOUR DREAMS!NEVER SAY NEVER!AND NEVER GIVE UP!KEEP ON GOING AND TRYING!
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