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from Soumaya to the wonderful Shannen

PostPosted: Wed Sep 16, 2009 11:19 am
by soumaya
Hi Shannen, i d'ont know if you are going to read this letter but i hope it. my name is Soumaya i am from Algeria i am one of your greatest fan since i was 8 years old whene i was in primery school i told my friends that i am PRUE HALLIWELL and that i have special powers and i was beleaving in that !!. my dreem is to make you know that some where in ALGERIA there is a girl who is 19 years old and she love you very very much, your are like a member of my family i have a lot of your pictures in my room, sometimes whene i go to sleep i look at it and i cry. all my family , my friends call me Shannen. i just want you to know that you are amazing, talented,nice.... and i love you very very much. i have no questions i love all the things that you do and how you do it , i just want to know if you are still in contact with holly marie? because i am in love with your relationship you two are an exemple for all the freinds in the world. in the end i want to say thank you for being you.