Request for Interview Regarding Dog Meat Trade, Etc.

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Request for Interview Regarding Dog Meat Trade, Etc.

Postby pwahlmd » Wed Mar 22, 2017 1:58 pm

Hi Shannen:

I realize that this is a long-shot, and that you must be simply overwhelmed with requests for interviews and such. However, as a fellow animal-lover and advocate, as well as the owner of The Virginia-Maryland-Washington DC Dog print Magazine (, I decided to take the chance and reach out to you anyway. Through my magazine I support animal adoption by only including dogs that are in search of forever homes on each and every cover. In addition, I am a strong supporter the Marc Ching and his efforts to put a stop to the dog meat trade. Our current edition of the magazine actually includes an article that we published based on our interview with Marc with regard to this topic. We also support Marc by providing complimentary advertising of his organization in hopes of getting the word out since it is unfortunate as to the amount of people who are completely unaware of this horrible, horrible practice. The reason for this post is to request an interview with you to not only include information regarding your support to Marc's organization, but, as well as to express to our readers just how important your own dogs/animals were/are to you especially during your cancer treatment. I may be reached at (301) 514-2804, or by email at: We will gladly send you copies of our current edition of the magazine to include the article about Marc, or you may also access the magazine in it's entirety through our website at: Thank you in advance for your potential consideration.
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