Better healing methods

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Better healing methods

Postby Goldwell » Sat Aug 29, 2015 3:22 pm

Hi Shannen,

there are much better methods of healing from cancer than the pharmaindustrial medical chemotherapy.
If you are interested therefore please look on youtube the video from dr. Leonard Coldwell. He tells only the truth.
If you decide for chemotherapy your chance for success lies nearby 5 %, if you do nothing against this disease chances for healing are 27 %. If you make a natural healing your chances are about 65 %.
And when you do the new gcmaf (globuli components) with vitamin D your healing quote lies around 90 %.

Most people dont know this truth because they are underlying the propaganda of the mass media, ( Television, printmedia, school medicine)

I hope your mind is open enough for these informations so to get healty again without making it like Angelina Jolie or like the pharma industry wants you to do.

Please tell me your opinion about this topic if you want.
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