Shannen and the 90's (stereo types and all)

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Shannen and the 90's (stereo types and all)

Postby shannenholly90210 » Mon May 22, 2006 8:29 pm

So im here in social projects, just started this class today and I’m writing a paper on the events of pop culture in the 90’s. I’m of course looking for anything with Shannen’s name in it. I was given a 30 page packet on the happenings of the 90’s, and I come across this. Which fits in great with the paper I am writing in English about Shannen’s reputation and the fact that there is no proof of any of the happenings she is known for. These are clips involving Shannen, I cut out the rest of the article that doesn’t involve her.

TV News
Far more wholesome (though it regularly dealt with issues like drinking, drugs and teen sex) was Beverly Hills 90210, an Aaron Spelling production that followed the lives of eight Beverly Hills high school students. The show became incredibly popular with teenage viewers, who tuned in religiously to catch the latest crisis, and the success of the series paved the way for the success for such future Spelling favorites as Melrose Place and Models Inc.

TV News
Beverly Hills 90210 remained as popular as ever, but it went into the falls season without Shannen Doherty; the volatile actress, whose tantrums and drinking binges were the stuff of legend, left the show for greener pastures in the spring.

Music News
Shannen Doherty and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes probably would have made one hell of a team; Lopes of the popular par trio TLC, made headlines in June of 1994 by burning down the mansion of boyfriend, Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Andre Rison, in a drunken rage.

Abnormal TV Success
Comedian Norm MacDonald, recently fired from Saturday Night Live, returned with his own sitcom, The Norm Show, while former child star Alyssa Milano and former über-bitch Shannen Doherty rebounded as well-meaning witches with expensive wardrobes on Charmed.
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