Charmed #22 April/May 2008
Charmed #22 April/May 2008

Veronica Parker/FAMOUS

Whilst Prue Halliwell rests in peace, Shannen Doherty is still loving life and enjoying new acting challenges, With a career that has spanned there decades, the teenage start turned Hollywood beauty still looks back on her time on Charmed with great fondness, but she is looking forward to future TV and film roles.

Charmed Magazine:Are you still acting or are you moving away from that?
Shannen:No. I am definitely not moving away from acting. I actually have an offer for a TV series right now that I am contemplating. I think I have discovered that working constantly isn't necessarily the right thing for me. And sometimes taking time off is. I have the most terrific family.

Charmed:What have you learned about relationships over the years?
Shannen:The same thing that you have learned. We have all learned the exact same things through relationships. My good friend David Gardner and I once made lists of what we want in a mate. And we now set standards for ourselves. The funny thing is that now the two of us are like, "How are we gonna find someone, because neither one of us leaves our houses?" So we are pretty sure that we have to conjure them and bring them to us. But I think that it is trial and error in relationships. For each one you go, "Hmm, that's what I liked about him and it didn't work out, so I'll cross that off."

Charmed:And what exactly are those standards?
Shannen:They're pretty high for me right now. That's why I've been single for so long. I want somebody who is fiercely independent and gives me my space. But I also want someone to protect me. Someone who is loving, compassionate, funny, kind, and secure.

Charmed:It sounds like you consider yourself an expert on bad men, but not on good men.
Shannen:I am not an expert on either. I think an expert doesn't mess up nearly as many times as I have. I think that I am good at getting over relationships and dealing with the guilt and the tears and the mourning and the grief. God knows I've done it enough.

Charmed:Ho do you do that?Ice cream?
Shannen:Friends. I lean on my friends like you wouldn't believe.

Charmed:So, not an actor?
Shannen:I would prefer not. To tell you the truth, an actor would probably not be a good idea.

Charmed:Do you want a family one day?
Shannen:I do. Eventually. I don't know if they are going to be my own or if they are going to be adopted. I don't really know.

Charmed:Are you dating?
Shannen:I have had one date in the last year and a half. And it didn't go so well.

Charmed:You've done both reality shows and scripted shows, do you have a preference?
Shannen:No. I don't really prefer reality shows, but doing Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty was something different. It felt kind of organic in a way. Like, of course I will go and help these women and give them an outside opinion. Or vice versa. I also get it because I have a ton of guy friends. I am the girl now, funny enough, that my friends come to for relationship advice.

Charmed:What did you like most about Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty?
Shannen:It was so organic and natural. And it was about working with people that I really like. It just fell into place. But reality is not something I enjoy; I don't watch it on TV. I don't necessarily approve of a lot of the reality shows out there. This show was different for me. We were actually helping people. I really believe that.

Charmed:What does it feel like to go on one date in a year and a half?
Shannen:Liberating. It feels incredibly liberating to acknowledge to myself that I do not need a man to make me happy. I think we can all look back on my history and see that I am no a casual dater by any means. I have relationships. But I go from relationship to relationship. And to go that long without a guy in your life and to say, "Hey, it's not a big deal," it changes everything for you and it allows you to set those standards higher. To set the bar higher.

Charmed:What have you discovered about yourself in that time?
Shannen:I have discovered that I am a pretty damn good person.

Charmed:Do you look at celebs like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan and think they need intervention?
Shannen:No. Because I don't want my life judged. Why should I judge anyone else's. I got tired of having my like judged.

Charmed:Where do you think the press has been most unfair to you?
Shannen:I hate to use the word "unfair," but again, I have to stand up and say it wasn't just the press - I played a huge part in it. A huge part. Everybody has a job. And if I am creating some of the drama you guys have a job to report it. But I think where I start to say, "No we are getting out of hand," or, "Now this is unfair," is when no one lets it die. When nobody says, "You know what?She was young.Give her a break." Give me a chance to get up again. Stop writing about stuff that happened 10 years ago. Stop bringing up every bad thing that happened in my life. And give me another chance to mess up. If I mess up again, write about it. Otherwise, just let me breathe and let my parents breathe. Let them pick up a paper that says one nice thing about me.

Charmed:How did the passing of Aaron Spelling touch you?
Shannen:It was actually very hard because a friend heard about it instantly and sent me an email. It was a little bit shocking because it was an email that simply said "Aaron Spelling died," and nothing else. And then there were 30 other emails following it. I think we all knew he was sick. I certainly stay in really close contact with Holly Marie Combs. She is one of my closest friends. So we both had discussed it. I knew it was far worse than anyone said it was. So, it wasn't necessarily shocking. But it is hard. You are talking about a man I have known since I was 18 years old. Who has played a significant, significant role in my life. And a man I owe a lot to. I loved him dearly and he loved me dearly. You know, you always wish that things were different and you always wish you had that last moment with somebody to express yourself to them. But, you know, we lost an amazing man. We lost a man who shaped TV. And made a huge contribution to this business. But most importantly, made a huge contribution in his personal life.

Charmed:Were you able to talk to Tori Spelling at all?
Shannen:No. I think Tori is in the middle of her own stuff right now. I think it is best for a lot of people to give them their space.

Charmed:You've lived in LA most of your life, would you ever consider living somewhere else?
Shannen:No. No. Never. When I was in my twenties I used to dream about moving to New York and doing plays and living in SoHo. That whole artist thing. Now I am a beach girl. I am about California. I love my space. So I could never do the New York thing.

~ Thanks to Marissa for the scans.