The Miami Herald April 13th 2012

Shannen Doherty is giving marriage another go. And letís hope this one can go the distance (or at least a full calendar year).

The former 90210 star, 40, did the deed with George Hamiltonís son Ashley Hamilton for a few months in the 1990s; her second (seven-month) union to famed Paris Hilton sex tape partner Rick Salomon didnít fare well, either. Their marriage was annulled in 2003. Almost a decade later, the onetime Charmed star may have found her match with photographer Kurt Iswarienko.

See how her planning process goes down, with a little help from wedding guru David Tutera, in the new WEtv reality show Shannen Says, airing 10 p.m. Tuesday. She chatted about it on a recent conference call:

This show is a chance for viewers to really get to know you. So what would you say is the biggest misconception about you?

Iíve done reality shows in a sense. I did Scare Tactics and Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty, but it was never about me. I was simply a host or I was guiding somebody else through their own real process. But Iíve never ever, ever opened my life up. So this is a whole new thing for me. And certainly a whole new thing for my now husband. And I guess the biggest misconception would be that I only have one side to me. Seems to be the biggest one and that people donít ever consider how old I was when some of the crazier stuff happened, which by todayís standards is incredibly tame. And they donít consider that I have grown up and that there is a softer, more vulnerable side or they donít consider what was behind some of the antics when I was very young.

What compelled you to do this show? Whose idea was it?

It was mine. And it was shared with my husband as well. It was one of those moments where we were on vacation and maybe we had drunk one too many margaritas and thought it would be kind of interesting to do something together ó to work together. Weíre very, very big fans of Anthony Bourdain. And we love his show No Reservations. But also the Deadliest Catch is one of our favorite shows. And I remember watching that show and thinking, ĎWow, they do it right.í You know, they get you so invested in these guys and what theyíre going through. Itís raw, and itís emotional, and itís gritty. And then Anthony Bourdain whoís, you know, snarky and intelligent and cutting edge, and itís shot so well. We were kind of intrigued by the idea of bringing that sort of different, I donít want to say quality but itís a different kind of a quality to celebrity reality TV.

When and how did you meet Kurt, and was there instant chemistry?

I met Kurt on a photo shoot. There was instant chemistry. I think we may have finally actually started dating . . . . two months after that. He said to me, ĎIíve missed you since I was a child.í And it was just sort of very poetic. . . . that we had in another life known each other. There was such a connection there.

How are you enjoying newlywed life?

Things couldnít be better. Married life is amazing, and I can only say that because of my partner, because of Kurt. He woke up this morning and went surfing. Itís the little things. Itís when he comes home, and the first thing he does is come in my office and wrap his arms around me and say, ĎI love you. I missed you.í You know, even though he was only gone for two hours. Itís a relationship Iíve dreamed about my entire life, and itís the closest thing that Iíve ever had to what my parents had, which was so unbelievably beautiful and special.

This is your third marriage; whatís different this time?

This is for real. I met a man that just lights me up, you know, one who makes me laugh and makes me smile, who makes me happy, who drives me to frustration to tears and then to laughter all over again. I met someone who challenges me intellectually, who stands up for himself, that just makes me a better person. And I think I do all that for him. And I also met my partner, you know. I met my soul mate. I met the one person that I can be around 24/7 and not want to go crazy and lock myself in a room.