TV Guide Online July 16th 2001

TV Guide Online July 16th 2001

Scrappy Shannen Doherty may have bought the farm on Charmed, but her afterlife has already begun. The WB refugee has produced and starred in a USA teleplay, Another Day — airing Oct. 2 at 9 pm/ET — about a woman's quest to rescue her doomed fiancι (played by none other than Charmed Aussie Julian McMahon). "It was something I was petrified to do," she tells TV Guide Online. "It was the first time I read a script and thought, 'I don't think I can do this character justice.' And I'm the type that if something scares me, I have to do it." Despite our own willies about Doherty's wrath — she has that telekinetic temper, after all — we subjected the TV witch to a polite inquisition. — Daniel R. Coleridge

TVGO: After all the rumors about why you left Charmed — including backstage feuding with covenmate Alyssa Milano — would you like to take this chance to clarify things for the record? Doherty: You know, I don't really want to be given the opportunity to clear the record. I have absolutely nothing to say. Details magazine will be out in August — that's probably the most honest interview that you'll ever read with me. I picked one magazine to tell the true story in and... if somebody wants to read it, then great. My opinion is, it really doesn't matter. I moved on, they moved on and who cares? You know, everything gets so blown out of proportion by the press that after awhile, you just gotta bury your head in the sand and go, 'I'm done talkin' about it.'

TVGO: Any parting advice for your replacement, Rose McGowan? Doherty: [grinning mischievously] No, I think Rose will do a fine job, actually. I think Rose can hold her own and she's very sexy and beautiful — and I think it's actually going to make for a very interesting show, to be honest with you. I wish them all the luck.

TVGO: For fun's sake, what do you think of the Survivor phenomenon? Doherty: I find all those reality-based shows a bit disturbing, actually. I just think that it's saying something about society that everybody wants to peek in on other people's lives 24 hours a day, seven days a week. And that to me is disturbing because they do it to me on a constant basis. Now that it's been brought into TV, I find it a bit disgusting.

TVGO: Any fears about actors being supplanted by reality TV? Doherty: They'll never take our jobs away from us. Never. It's a fad. People will get sick of reality-based shows, so I'm not worried about it taking anything away from me. What I am worried about is [the voyeurism of] society being consumed with other people's lives.