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25 Shannen News / Re: The Beautiful Outsiders - News on: Apr 19th, 2010, 6:56pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

To clear up any confusion....I dropped out of the movie because when I agreed to do it, Cameron Douglas was the male lead with Michael Douglas producing. I felt that with Michael involved, the movie would be good and head into the right direction. Once the two of them dropped out the movie took a different course and it was something I no longer wanted to be a part of.

24 Q&A With Shannen Doherty / Re: Shannen, would you offer internships?! on: Apr 19th, 2010, 6:51pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

Hmm, an internship....I have honestly never thought of that and I guess the only way I could do that is people who live in LA and when I am working. However, what I can offer now is to answer any questions you might have.

23 Shannen News / All of You on: Apr 19th, 2010, 6:45pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

Hi everyone!! It has been way too long and I am sorry about that. I wanted to first, thank you all for my amazing birthday card. I absolutely loved it!! Kinga and Lauren, you both did a fantastic job. My birthday was great, my boyfriend took me to Mexico for it and planned this very romantic dinner with guitars and a singer and a special chef who cooked Argentine food which I love. I hope everyone is doing well and I promise to post more often but just know that I always log on to see what's going on with my favorite site and fans. Love you all Shannen

22 Shannen's Posts / Hi everyone on: Jan 24th, 2008, 7:20pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

Hi all!! I am so sorry that it's been so long since i posted. Its been a bit crazy for me lately and i found myself just overwhelmed and to be honest kind of hiding away. I do want to say Thankyou Yana. Thankyou for posting your letter and telling your story. You have no idea how much it means to me that i was able to help you at all. I must say that the scene that touched you happens to be one of my all time favorite scenes in my acting career. I too at the time was going thru alot of stuff and channeled it into my work and for me as an actor that was one of my most honest moments. I am glad to hear that you are moving forward and doing well and i send you and your family my love. Anyway i have missed you all and appreciate the continued post and support that i feel from this site and please know that even if i go into "hiding" for a bit you are all still in my heart and prayers. much love to you and i will check back in soon. lots of love, Shannen

21 Shannen's Posts / thankyou on: Oct 19th, 2005, 10:04pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

hey everyone, i am so sorry that it has been so long!!!! i miss you all and want to thankyou for your endless support, kind words and love. i am going to talk to Dianna about setting up a chat, so we will let you all know. thankyou again and i send you all my love!!!! Shannen

20 Shannen's Posts / hey everyone on: Dec 30th, 2004, 08:08am| Post by Shannen Doherty

hi gang, I am so sorry it has been so long since i posted. i got back home 6 days before Christmas and had to do a mad shopping trip to get presents for everyone. plus i had to unpack all my stuff from being in hawaii, in short, it has been very hectic. i do miss you all and hope you all had a great christmas or holiday. just want to wish you all a very happy new year. My thoughts and prayers are with you all, along with my love!!!! take care Shannen

19 Shannen's Posts / Re: Shannen, Im Worried About Some Of The Girls on: Oct 9th, 2004, 7:38pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

i agree with you about the concern for some of the girls. i too am concerned and already posted about it. inner beauty is the most important thing. it shines thru and makes you stunning. i hope that one day society will change and stop putting so much pressure on women to look a certain way.

18 Shannen's Posts / Re: I'm so sorry for this...Shannen we need a Pray on: Oct 9th, 2004, 7:36pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

i am praying every day. god bless

17 Shannen's Posts / hi gang on: Oct 9th, 2004, 7:31pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

hi everyone. it's been awhile and i miss you all. i am back in la for a couple of days and really enjoying my time here. a stray dog followed my mom into the gates of my house so i have been busy trying to find his owners and getting him cleaned up. all is well in hawaii but i do get homesick when i am there. i read a few post that concerned me a bit and want to clear up a few things. first off, we are what god made us and should be happy with what we have.our obsessions with our bodies is retarded. yes,you should try to take care of yourself but not to an extreme. i don't know where some people got there info from but i DO NOT work out. i don't do ab crunches or obsess about my body. the most i do is sports which keeps me healthy. i will do pilates twice a week if i am in la but being in hawaii,all i do is surf. which by the way is great for toning. it disturbs me to read about people talking about their weight and my butt. we are all special. i would much rather my acting be talked about or my brain as we all should. there are too many women out there with eating disorders because of the pressure society puts on us. as far as chroins disease making you lose weight...that is only true if you have a flare up which i have not in over 4 years. and never wish for a medical problem. also, i do not laminate my hair. this is crazy stuff that i believe takes beauty to far. Once again, we are all beautiful in our own unique way. i hope you all are well and i will try to post again before i go back to hawaii in a couple of days god bless you all and much love!!!!!!!

16 Shannen's Posts / hi everyone on: Sep 4th, 2004, 9:38pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

hey gang< it's been awhile. i miss you all so much!! i came home to la for labor day weekend to see family,dogs,horses and friends. i love being in hawaii. i surf everyday and i am having a great time on set. Amanda who plays tessa on show is so sweet!! have made friends and loving it. wow with all the politics. heres what i have to say and remember, we are all allowed to have our own opinions. yes i am a republican. with that being said i will always vote for the best person.i believe in pres.Bush. i know him personnally and know his views.i like him as a man and as our leader. my only suggestion to you all is to do your own research. the media is liberal and as we all know does not print the truth.i can debate with you all the mistakes clinton made and how he is partly responsible for the mess we are in. bush is strong and honorable. war is never a good thing but sadly it is sometimes necessary. i hate the fact that we lose men over there but we must let the world know that we are a strong country that is not to be messed with. do you all know the horrors of saddam? the human shredding machine? our country stands for freedom and justice. don't you think that entails fighting for others. i could on and on about why Bush is so much better than kerry but all i really care about is you all educating yourselves. having your own strong beliefs and convictions. and michael moore is not the answer to education.his films are composed of tricky editing and lies. please go vote even if it's for kerry.we all have a voice that should be heard.i miss you all love you guys lots

15 Shannen's Posts / Re: hi again on: Aug 12th, 2004, 09:07am| Post by Shannen Doherty

Sorry...i meant to type Richard wolf

14 Shannen's Posts / hi again on: Aug 12th, 2004, 09:05am| Post by Shannen Doherty

wow!!!! you guys were amazing on the north shore boards.Thankyou so much>but remember that we are all a classy group.Never stoop to there level with bad language etc.but you all did make me happy and proud! you guys are the best and i love you all so much now for questions.... I think thingy Wolf is amazing,as are his of course i would work on any of them I don't think i would do M TV cribs because my house is my sanctuary and private I now only have about 20 pairs of sneakers,which is still alot.I had alot more but i gave most of them to a charity I love shoes!!! I think the hardest scenes to do are funny ones.comedy is very tricky and your timing is everything I don't relly have any fave shows right now.I am waiting for the new season but it was sex and the city.Oh and sopranos,i love! I am taking my laptop to hawaii so i will keep you episodes start airing sept.20 th so no need to watch till then. All of your good luck messages meant alot to me and i wish i could hug you all!!Thankyou and i send all my love to each and every one of you. Shannen

13 Shannen's Posts / hi all on: Aug 10th, 2004, 4:39pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

hey everyone!! how are you all? i hope well. i am joining north shore as you all know.It is for a limited time because i am still doing my other show.I hope you all watch and enjoy it.Remember that i read your post all the time so if you have complaints or ways to make it better let me know.I noticed the a few of you have defended me on the "north shore" message boards and i want to say THANKYOU!!! It means so much to me.It is very hard to read hateful things about myself and it helps when there are a few nice post.thankyou.I leave for Hawaii on thursday and i am very nervous.I have to leave my home,my dogs and most importantly my mom and dad.I feel like i am the new kid in school and the fear of being judged and people not liking me is very scary.please wish me luck and pray for me.sorry to unload on all of you but i just thought i would share what i'm going all mean alot to me.As far as the chat goes,i will set it up with Dianna.I love you guys Shannen

12 Shannen's Posts / Re: It happened Again on: Jul 18th, 2004, 03:43am| Post by Shannen Doherty

cordelia, I am so sorry and i am praying for you and the families.Please try to remember that god has a plan for everyone.Trust in him. Love,Shannen

11 Shannen's Posts / hi on: Jul 15th, 2004, 01:58am| Post by Shannen Doherty

hi, I have to start this out by saying that i am just a person like the rest of you. i can not really give advice,all i can do is tell you what i would do. That does not mean you should do the same.You all have to search inside your own hearts for the right solution for you. With that being said, i am hear to listen as much as possible. A drinking problem is very serious and i would go see or talk to someone in AA.Remember AA is not just for those with the problem but it is also there for others to try to understand. Alanon is a great orginazation for family members of alcoholics.It can help you deal with your family members problem,help you cope with it all better. As far as listening to friends over doctors...that seems like a no brainer to me.I would listen to my doctor!! I wish only the best for you all and i send all my love and prayers to all of you. Remember life is not always easy but it is up to us to find the beauty in it. love you all, Shannen

10 Shannen's Posts / Haylie and Kristen on: Jul 15th, 2004, 01:36am| Post by Shannen Doherty

hi everyone, haylie.. the people from Dr. Phil are calling to help.I will not go into the reasons since they are personal.If you do not want there help you simply should tell them that. I happen to be a big fan of his and i think he has helped alot of people. I truly wish you the best. Kristen... how are you doing girl? I hope everything is good with you.PLease keep me informed.

9 Shannen's Posts / Kristen on: Jul 9th, 2004, 6:50pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

hi everyone, Kristen, I do know how you feel.My dad has heart disease and diabetes.he has had 2 heartattacks and over 4 strokes. he too must watch what he eats. We support that and nag him all the time to eat healthy,however he loves food and finds it hard to stick to a diet. You are the opposite.You are trying very hard to take care of yourself and I am very proud of you!!! Have you tried sitting your aunt and uncle down and talking to them? Tell them everything that could happen if you don't take care of yourself.Tell them how they make you feel and ask them not to do it anymore.Go to them with facts about your condition,pull up articles on the net and from your doctor.Get them to realize just how serious it is.If that does not work then you have to make a choice.You can decide to let it all go in one ear and out another or hang out with them alot less.But the most important thing Kristen is how YOU feel.Be proud of yourself.Remember that this is your life and you want to be able to live as long as possible and that means taking care of yourself.Let me know how everything turns out and please know that my prayers are with you.I am proud of you and i send you my strength and love.

8 Shannen's Posts / thankyou on: Jun 19th, 2004, 5:18pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

I am so sorry for not writing in awhile.I have been very busy but still,I am sorry.First I want to say to chicafan(jennifer) i am so sorry about your friend.I wish i had gotten your post sooner.You must believe that he is in a more peaceful place.My thoughts are with you. ok, now for some questions..... no, i will not be returning to Charmed my new show does not have a title yet and we are still writing it Julian as James Bond? what about Jude Law? he would be great!! yes i am not doing Scare tactics anymore.I have my own show that i am acting in and producing and it needs all of my attention.I also have another show that i created and sold. I will be producing it as well. so i need to focus on those two shows for now the guy in the pictures on this site is not my is a friend of mine from new york. Dianna and i will set up a live chat soon and i hope you will all join us. there are so many pm's that it is hard for me to respond to them all ( sorry) so instead, i will respond here. i miss you all and i promise i will check in very soon love, Shannen

7 Shannen's Posts / hey everyone on: Apr 5th, 2004, 05:20am| Post by Shannen Doherty

hi all, i hope this message finds evryone happy and healthy!I have recieved lots of PM's from people and i am trying to answer them but it is a bit hard so i am sorry if they are really late!now on to some questions.... no i did not give charmed permission to use my image.I will have to check on that one so thanks for letting me know. i get very nervous peforming live I eat everything.i love steak,burgers,french fries etc. fave movie..godfather 2 I love Katherine Hepburn Jessica Lange Meryl Streep Angelina Jolie

6 Shannen's Posts / Re: THE QUESTION THREAD (Questions For Shannen on: March 30th, 2004, 10:33pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

hi everyone, i hope all of you are doing well.I am sorry it has been so long but i have been very busy and in new york.I want to let you all know that i am going to be on ryan seacrest and jimmy kimmel tomorrow. now to answer questions.... no i will not be on charmed i did not try to get on buffy and yes sarah and i are good friends. i have 7 horses and 2 dogs,no other animals thankyou for the support and i will post again very soon,i promise xoxo,Shannen

5 Shannen's Posts / one more thing on: Feb 24th, 2004, 06:54am| Post by Shannen Doherty

hi guys again! i have a favor to ask and that is to please not discuss my family.they did not sign up to become public and deserve their privacy.i am sorry to ask this but we all myself included need to respect them.thanks again

4 Shannen's Posts / hi everyone on: Feb 24th, 2004, 06:39am| Post by Shannen Doherty

hi all!! I just got back from miami and read your post.Thankyou once again for caring and for being there for me. now i will try to answer some questions... my horses names are louisito,alberto,domingo,picasso,samourzakan,aries addiction(ari) and thunder my dogs are elfie german shepherd,leroy who is a kane corso and sadly my amazing dog max died.i miss him very much! producing can be hard if you care about it.I have no desire to just collect a paycheck and let other people do all the work.I believe you have to have passion for your job. i loved doing gone in the night and yes i met the real people.they were very happy with the way the movie was going and they were lovely people i never dated luke perry amd jason i can't comment on but i adore him. yes they wanted me to do the last episode of 90210 but it did not feel right to me. i guess brenda got a little nasty towards the end however i feel that she was a girl who wanted more and was in a limited environment.but think about it she did go thru an awful lot.friends lied to her,her one true love cheated on her.she sorta had a reason to be a little bit bitter!!! my favorite tv movie i ever did is probably friends til the end because it was fun to sing and be in a band i love directing and will do it again but i need to focus on my true passion for acting first. i hope i have answered your questions okay and thankyou for supporting me.i love you all and will continue to check in xoxo,Shannen

3 Shannen's Posts / the real shannen on: Feb 15th, 2004, 12:46pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

i contacted Dianna so that i could post on this site to say thankyou to all of you for your constant support.It truly means alot to me. I will take a moment to clear up some rumors that i have read so far.First,i will not be returning to charmed.There was never a conversation about it,meaning it will never happen.There are many reasons for that but they are private.However i will say that i think Rose does a great job. I talked with her recently in New York and she is a great girl!Second- Andrew Levitas is not my boyfriend.He never was!!I have been happily single since June.I never even went on a date with him.If there are any other rumors any of you would like me to clear up just post them and i will try.Scare Tactics premieres March 4 we have moved to thursdays and i will be doing press in New York for it soon.I will let you all know what shows.So far i think Letterman and Carson.Once again,thankyou for hanging in there with me i love you all for it. Shannen

2 Shannen's Posts / in response on: Feb 15th, 2004, 11:15am| Post by Shannen Doherty

wow, thankyou so much for the kindness! I would just like to say that Dianna is indeed,from what i can tell, a very honest person.She would not lie and just so you all know she grilled me! she was relentless in having me prove it was me.I started actually getting upset.but if there are some who still don't believe i will try to prove it.No one but myself knows my travel plans but i will share them with all of you.I will be in Miami next weekend at a party for ocean drive magazine and then my friend is opening a new club there called Mansion. what next....i am trying to remember some of your new show is still being worked on.we are trying to find the perfect writer. law and order offered me the one hundreth episode but i was filming scare and could not do it.But of course i would do something on any of them. you guys don't have to be shy with your questions,i promise i will try to answer them,and Kristen thankyou for being so protective,it means alot to me.Also if my show is live i promise i will get you and your sister in to see it not matter how old she is. we are firming up my New York schedule and the shows i will be on as soon as i know for sure i will let all of you know. Thanksagain i love you all and god bless xoxo,shannen

1 Shannen's Posts / Re: Happy Valentine Day, Shannen! on: Feb 10th, 2004, 6:59pm| Post by Shannen Doherty

thankyou for my valentine! i hope you all have a nice Valentines day too!!!!