People Weekly April 21st 2003

People Weekly April 21st 2003

It's more than a litlle ironic that Shannen Doherty - once one of Hollywood's mosy intimidating divas- is now the host of a new Sci-Fi Channel reality series called Scare Tactics. Scoop chatted with the 32- year-old actress about practical jokes and her own notoriety.
Why Scare Tactics?
It's on a cool, culty channel, and I work six days a year. So It's easy and it's fun, fun, fun.

Why do you think the producers wanted you?
Because I'm tongue-in cheek. I'm willing to make fun of myself and have a good time.

The show involves playing practical jokes on unsuspecting victims. Do you consider yourself gullible?
I'm really gullible with men. I tend to really believe them. People always say yo me, 'For somebody who's been in this business for so long, you're incredibly naive'.

Do you feel that the press picks on you now?
They tend to leave me alone, but when a minor thing happens with me, it gets blown way out of proportion because I have so much baggage.

Which leads us to reports of your recent run-in with socialite Paris Hilton?
We did run into each other, and there were words exchangesd. It wasn't an altercation. To go futher into it would be to give somebody publicity that I think craves it.

So are you feeling, well, charmed these days?
I'm in a very good, healthy place. I've got an amazing family. I have a wonderful job, and people aren't sick of me yet.

Any new hobbies?
I just got pool table. My ex-husband (Richard Salomon) gave it to me. He's one of my best friends, and I love him to death and always will. I'm looking for somebody to teach me how to be a pool shark.