1. [To Shannen] Go with you’re instinct and never let anyone walk over you and always stand up for what you believe in.- Michael Landon

2. She’s an honest person who wears her emotions on her sleeves. If you ask her a direct question, you’ll get a direct answer.- Aaron Spelling

3. What you see is what you get with Shannen. You'll walk away loving her or walk away hating her, but she won't lie to you.- Aaron Spelling

4. I can't get through the door of my house without finding Shannen there, which is great. She's a terrific girl, and we love having her.- Aaron Spelling

5. She’s incredibly professional.- Alyssa Milano

6. She’s knows how the set should be run. She’s been doing this for a long time. I think she made peace. Its been a long time and she (was) out of the spotlight and I think that’s a good thing.- Holly Marie Combs

7. If you haven't spent 8 years with her, then I don't want your opinion.- Holly Marie Combs

8. She can come in that morning and learn her lines in rehearsal and know them immediately. She has moments where she can pull out tears like it's nothing.- Holly Marie Combs

9. Shannen's lived a lot of life. I always liked her. She's a real no-BS kind of chick.- Jason Priestley

10. Shannen’s very outspoken. You know, she’s not afraid to voice her opinions and she’s not afraid to say no.- Jason Priestley

11. When she draws the line in the sand and if another person decides to step over that, Shannen’s uh, you know, she’s a tornado, man. She’s wild.- Jason Priestley

12. All of the stories about Shannen are so blown out of proportion. She's a very intelligent young woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind. I really enjoy working with her. We have a good relationship on and off screen.- Jason Priestley

13. I have nothing, but really fond memories of Shannen throughout that really chaotic time. We just did good work together and that really what it was all about.- Jason Priestley

14. It turns out she has grown up. She's still a strong independent woman.- Jennie Garth

15. There's one thing I have to say about Shannen. Everybody calls her a bitch, but from day one of 90210 it's always been about the work for her. If she doesn't think something's good, she's gonna insist that it's changed and made better. Not because she's this control freak, but...how bad is it that your lead actress wants the show to be better? I'm not saying she's always used the best tactics, but if people would step outside their egos and try to understand that she's aggressive because she's passionate, it would be better. But they want to jump to a quick conclusion and just say she's 'difficult'.- Brian Austin Green

16. She was 90210.- Tori Spelling

17. I love her. I love her. Shando! Shandoooo, the Magician! That's what I used to call her. 'Cause every time something happened with Shannen, some problem, that little devil got out of it. She always escaped.- Joe E. Tata

18. Shannen I think was happiest when a new story was either gonna be about Brandon and Brenda.- Charles Rosin

19. As you watch the episodes and watch Shannen perform…what I remember her for is this girl would save up her— the emotions for the close-ups. She just was fabulous. She would get the nuances. She would say the lines. Shannen did not improvise. She made things come alive. And you know you would see her actually get more and more into it during the blocking and actually memorizing her lines a little later.- Charles Rosin

20. She’ll succeed. She keep on going. She’ll do whatever she wants and I think she’ll always be welcome.- Deidre Hall

21. As an actor, sky’s the limit. She’s certainly got that the talent that if the right vehicles keep coming along for her, then she’s gonna be around a long time.- Alan Metter (Director of 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun')

22. She’s a surivior. She’s proved that she’s here to stay.- Andrew Essex (Details)

23. She’s very funny. We think that her charisma comes across a lot more with comedy than anything else. We think it’s a great way to showcase her.- Jessika Borsiczky

24. If you have a show called 90210 and you’re bringing characters back, you can’t not bring Shannen Doherty back. That’s like putting on Hamlet and leaving out Hamlet.- Kevin Smith

25. I was like a kid on Christmas the day Shannen came up on the set. She was amazing.- Shenae Grimes

26. About the business and set life and Hollywood and paparazzi and everything that's so foreign to me.- Shenae Grimes (about the type of advice Shannen's given her.)

27. One of the things I admire so much is that she has stayed strong and so open-minded and easygoing. The past is past. To see how someone handles it so gracefully is great.- Shenae Grimes

28. When I heard Shannen was going to be on the show I wanted to scream, but I had to keep my manhood intact. So I just smiled really big.- Tristan Wilds

29. It's been so great. We have so many scenes together, a lot of confrontational dramatic scenes, but after every take she's hugging me and encouraging me.- Jessica Lowndes

30. It’s really fun to work with her because she has a totally different vibe than Jennie. She’s darker and more mysterious.- Ryan Eggold

31. I love Shannen.- Anna-Lynne McCord

32. She invited me to her trailer to hang out. We talked and laughed. She is one of the most down-to-earth and real actresses I've met.- Anna-Lynne McCord


33. All my fans tell me what a glamorous life I have, but I tell them how hard I work and how many nights I spend alone with my dogs, eating chicken pot pie in my bedroom.

34. When I was eight, my family moved from Memphis to California. I had the thickest Southern accent in the world, and no one could understand a word I said. Being different is difficult for any kid -especially the “new kid” in class- but I think even more so for me, because I was incredibly shy. The other kids can’t understand me, I figured, so what’s the point in trying? - on being shy

35. When I was nine years old something happened that caused me to retreat into my shell even further. My mother developed an excruciating headache and had to be hospitalized -she was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. She came out of surgery like a trooper, but the experience was terrifying. Then, a year later, my father was travelling on business and had a massive stroke. In a single year, I’d nearly lost both parents. I didn’t feel like my classmates could relate to what I was going through, so I just closed myself off from them.

36. I’m Irish, its all about steak and potatoes.

37. I’m human and I’m bound to make mistakes.

38. They are not supportive of this business. They are supportive of me, but not this business. They’ve seen what this has done. It has hurt me in a lot of ways…it hurt my feelings and theirs.- On her parent’s

39. My parents has always taught me to be honest.

40. My mom is a very strong woman. I learn a lot from her.

41. As a child I had more fun reading and playing by myself.

42. Acting was just something I fell into that I enjoyed immensely.

43. I did the same exact same things that other kids my age did.

44. I got to work with Michael Landon. He was God to me.

45. Almost no one knows who Shannen Doherty is. I try to keep that private.

46. I found out that on the set smoking is somewhat of a stress reliever for me.

47. Its like, if your happy I’m gone, then stop commenting me. Stop saying things about me. It’s petty and childish.- after leaving 90210

48. TV. Audiences has always been loyal and for that I’m externally grateful. My fans been with me since 'Little House'.

49. I’m not saying I don’t have my moment of bitchiness because everybody has them.

50. Yeah, I admit it, I’m open to different ideas. But if you get on my bad side and don’t listen to me and you don’t treat me as much respect as you treat a man, then you have a problem.

51. I’m getting more secure.

52. I went into his office and he hugged me and said “Welcome back, kiddo. Do you want to do this together or what?” and I said, “ Yeah, let’s go for it.” – On Aaron Spelling

53. I think Rose does a great job. She’s a great girl.- On Rose McGowan

54. I feel like a new kid in school and fear of being judged and people not liking me is very scary.- On North Shore

55. Life changes when you’re in your thirties. You grow up. Live your life, be a good person, believe in God, trust in yourself. That’s all you can do.

56. If you have perseverance and you’re good at what you do, then you’re gonna get through anything.

57. Growing up changes you. You roll with the punches and find an inner peace.

58. I have discovered that I am a pretty damn good person.

59. It's pretty crazy. I got evacuated with the last fire at my house at like 4, 5 o'clock in the morning. And I was outside. You know, helicopters going everywhere. I felt like I was at a war and they were hovering over my house, draining out my pool to help put out the fires. And I ran and got my dogs. First and foremost. Got my dogs out of my house, put them into my car. And I walked back in my house and I was like, 'What-What do I take?' I have all this beautiful artwork and jewelry and everything. And I stood in front of my shoe closet and um, I grabbed as many of my shoes as I possibly could. Threw them in my luggage. Took all my pairs out.

60. Look, there are three things that have allowed me to work for as long as I've worked. The first is my fans. The second is my talent. And the third is my competitive nature. I hate sucking at anything.

61. I've always been a bit of a loner. I love hanging out with my friends, but it gets to a point where I'm like, "Okay, that's enough. Go home. I need to be alone!"

62. The fortunate thing is that I've been working in this business for so long, and I have strong parents who taught me not to let that stuff go to my head. It's just a job. Some people make french fries at McDonald's. I get my hair and make-up done and go act. It's all the same thing in the long run.

63. There were parts of Brenda I loved. They just took her in a really odd direction that I didn't necessarily agree with at the time. I still kind of look back and think, Eh, it's not what I would have done, but I understand. Every show has to have that character full of teenage angst and drama. I think she was driven by insecurity that was at the root of everything.- About her character Brenda on 90210

64. When I was 27, my mom said, "Honey, don't pretend this stuff isn't hurting you. If you go through your whole life being so self-protective, you're going to feel sad a lot." Something about what she said woke me up. I realized that I would rather have people know me as the shy, awkward person I am than the tough bitch. I got rid of a lot of people in my life. And after lots of therapy, and lots of patience and love from my family, I started to allow myself to open up.

65. Everybody deserves a second chance in this world. That's basically all I ask.

66. Does it hurt me that people think I'm a bad girl? Absolutely. It used to make me crazy and depressed and sad.

67. You can turn any experience into a learning experience. Every experience helps you live your life.

68. I'm open to different ideas, but if you get on my bad side and don't listen to me and if you don't treat me with such as you treat a man, you've got a problem.

69. I'm through with West Coast men!," "They just don't know what's up. Seriously, they are all bad. All the guys in Hollywood are always hiding something." Shannen says she can't wait to head to Hawaii (where she recently vacationed) to perhaps buy a home. "I'm not turned off to marriage," she says. "Just Hollywood men!"- Star Magazine November 25th 2003

70. If God wanted us to be naked, why did he invent sexy lingerie?

71. Your life changes. Everything has to be done perfectly, and I didn't follow that. I lived my life as if I wasn't in the public eye. I thought, 'I'm young. I have the right to experience new things, and if I want to go to a bar and get drunk, that's my prerogative.'

72. I don't need to settle for anything less than Mr Right. I'm a little too old to be making the same mistakes. But here's the funny part. I never leave the house, so I don't know how I'm gonna find him. The guy who delivers the newspaper? Are you cute? I hope so, 'cause that's the guy I'm gonna meet - seriously. I go to work and I come home.

73. I wish I had conducted myself better on occasion and been more private, but I would rather live my life to the fullest than constantly conduct myself in a certain way to gain approval from others," "I've always been outspoken about my opinions, and there's something to be said for having the courage to just live your life. I have regrets but no apologies.

74. Even when I'm called in for an audition or anything, and even when I have to meet other actors/actresses, or be in front of the camera, I get goosebumps.

75. It started with someone calling my agent and saying, "Is this something she would do?" I was like, "Play Brenda Walsh again? Why would I do that?" There were 'I Hate Brenda' newsletters! She was exhausting to play. She had so much teen angst. I couldn't take it anymore. But then my friends started sending me links to all these websites that wanted me back. I was so incredibly overwhelmed that it got me thinking. Everything I have is because of the fans. This was my way of saying thank you.

76. I've tried desperately to be given a second chance with the media, and it has not been given to me. And at this point, I sort of have to walk away and go, 'You know what, I've got to live my life and I've got to do what makes me happy. And if people don't want to let go of stuff that happened 10 years ago, then that's their thing. It can't be mine.-On being in the 90210 spinoff

77. I would wear anything she made, only if she was right next to my side.- On Lady Gaga

78. The one place I allowed myself to be a bit less tough was in relationships. But because I hadn’t dealt with my issues, none of my relationships worked out. My second husband [Paris Hilton porn tape costar Rick Salomon] turned out to be completely different from the guy I thought I’d married: Who was this person selling porno? It was the most hurtful thing ever, but I still put on my game face in public.

79. I got rid of a lot of people in my life. And after lots of therapy and lots of patience and love from my family, I started to allow myself to open up. Now if I’m having a bad day, instead of hiding in my room and crying into one of my dogs’ fur- “Oh, Roamy, you’re the only one I can trust!” -I’ll call one of my friends.

80. That would be the perfect son-in-law. My dad was like, ‘Oh my God, is it true, is it true? Matt’s going to be my new son-in-law.’ He was so excited. “Matt is handsome and he is talented and he is a great quarterback, but the truth of the matter is he was in the same club (as me) - and that was it.- Shannen and her dad are huge fans of the American football team, University of Southern California Trojans, and when he heard his daughter was dating quarterback Matt Leinart, he was thrilled.

81. It was actually very hard because a friend heard about it instantly and sent me an email. It was a little bit shocking because it was an email that simply said "Aaron Spelling died," and nothing else. And then there were 30 other emails following it. I think we all knew he was sick. I certainly stay in really close contact with Holly Marie Combs. She is one of my closest friends. So we both had discussed it. I knew it was far worse than anyone said it was. So, it wasn't necessarily shocking. But it is hard. You are talking about a man I have known since I was 18 years old. Who has played a significant, significant role in my life. And a man I owe a lot to. I loved him dearly and he loved me dearly. You know, you always wish that things were different and you always wish you had that last moment with somebody to express yourself to them. But, you know, we lost an amazing man. We lost a man who shaped TV. And made a huge contribution to this business. But most importantly, made a huge contribution in his personal life.-About how much Aaron Spelling meant to her

82. I don’t think people quite understood our relationship, but there was a lot of love there.- On Aaron Spelling

83. Shannen explains that for much of her adult life, her father has been seriously ill, and that she left 90210 to help take care of him. “He’s had six heart attacks, and now he’s been taken off the transplant list because it’s too much of a risk,” she says. “I’m sure some of my mistakes have been acting out against that fear I was going to lose him.”- About Her Father

84. When I made a mistake, I would admit to it. I'd be 'Wow, this is embarrassing, humiliating, and it'll never happen again'. These girls seem to make the same mistakes over and over and not learn from them.- About the young actresses

85. My mom says if I grew up right now, I would have been one of the good girls.

86. It's such a horrific situation that I don't even know what to say. I just have kind of tried to tune it out. I totally understand that it's newsworthy, but it just seems so tragic to me. I mean, Lindsay's dad giving a press conference at the end was just like, 'Oh, my God.' I've been acting for 29 years. My parents have never given a press conference, ever. It all seems so exploitative.- On Lindsay Lohan

87. When she was in her 20's, she had the vial of blood and the knives and everything. You were like, 'Okay, she's brilliant, she's talented, she's stunning, but what about the weird stuff?' Now, you see the progression that she's made as a mature woman. Angelina is an inspiration.- On Angelina Jolie

88. God, no. I'd hate to look like everybody else. I'm so happy I have dark hair. These are my looks, whether you like them or not. They work for me. I have a gap in the middle of my teeth. You know how many people wanted to cover that gap? "My parents are like, "Don't ever do that! That's what makes you different! I was raised to have a lot of confidence and believe in myself.- On the plastic surgery accusations

89. Production got halted for about an hour and a half ('Breaking up with Shannen Doherty') because I was sobbing uncontrollably. If you didn’t have it (plastic surgery) and they’re saying that you did, then it’s embarrassing, it’s humiliating. I don’t know if anybody’s noticed, but I’ve pretty much been hiding out as much as humanly possible. She also said "I’ve been trying to stay out of the press because I just don’t want it in my life anymore. I hired a litigator and I’m willing to put as much money behind a lawsuit as humanly possible, just to sort of teach them a lesson. I’m actually willing to go so far as to go sit down with whatever plastic surgeon they want to put in front of me who can inspect my face. I went to work and my lovely hairdresser David came to me and said, ‘Oh my God, did you see the cover of Star?’ and I went, ‘No, why?’ He told me and then he pulled it up online.- On Star magazines plastic surgery accusations while on 'The view' in July 2006, talking with Barbara Walters.

90. I want fans to walk away with love in their hearts for Brenda.- On the 90210 spin off

91. I never felt any tension. I never felt hesitant. Maybe it's because I've grown up. Everybody is a different person when they're 18 or 19 than when they're in their 30s," she says. "It was like I'm going into a new situation and I'm working with somebody I used to work with and, in a way, there's comfort there. For me, I knew it was always going to be fine, and in fact it has been.- About on-screen reunion with Jennie Garth

92. I wanted to drive the Corvette so badly. We took it and I went too fast and hit this bump and it bottomed out. Ian was so sweet he took the blame for it.”- She was desperate to drive the Corvette that co-star Ian Ziering’s character Steve Sanders drove in the 1990s teen show - but when he finally said yes, she crashed it.

93. I had no idea it was a strip club! They told me it was a restaurant or club, so I was kind of in shock.- On attending the grand opening of Sapphire Gentleman's Club in NYC on April 27th, 2009.

94. My audition was horrible. I actually remember walking out and saying: “I lost that job. I blew it.” And the casting director came out and sort of winked at me and said, “I wouldn’t count yourself out yet, kiddo.” And I was like, “O.K., whatever".- On her Beverly Hills, 90210 audition.

95. They asked me to do a lot more, (But) I'm in the middle of pitching a show, (so) I couldn't commit to more than (I did.)- On the 90210 spin off

96. You know I'm no stranger to gossip, When my friends and I want to stay in the know, we play Predicto, the fastest-growing mobile game.- On Predicto™ Mobile

97. My father, on Christmas, had a massive stroke, He's had eight heart attacks, quintuple bypass heart surgeries and dialysis. [He's in] really bad health. He got really excited about 'Dancing With the Stars' and wanted me to do it.- On why she did DWTS

98. I think that dancing isn't really my thing, I'm an actor and it's what I love to do. I did this for my dad and I did exactly what I wanted. And I think it's fate, my partner is hurt.- On being eliminated from DWTS

99. We had one last-ditch effort - it was dialysis, which was a lot of money. My dog has cost me 40 grand.- On Roamy, her German shepherd dog who died after a long battle with illness on 22 April 2009. Roamy was a stray she found roaming near her home and she admits the pet was "attached" to her "at all times".

100. This movie is for my brother and his children.- On the movie, 'Growing the big one'

101. A bad girl is someone who lacks compassion, who doesn't take other people's feelings into account when she does what she does. The book is very personal. There are a lot of stories in there I've never shared, real and personal stories about stuff I've done, but it's not all serious. A lot of it is tongue-in-cheek.- Talking about her book

102. We’re hard on ourselves. The world is hard on us. And we just become hard. There’s something to be said for resilience. - On coping with negative media attention

103. Everyone has the opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

104. Where's loyalty, where's friendship? And isn't loyalty the most important thing in this world? Along with love, those are two of the things I grew up valuing the most.

105. My boyfriend is a pilot and we were up in the air, he was flying going from Napa to Palm Springs and we had so much turbulence it was beyond scary. I was... tears pouring down my face, I thought that we were gonna die, it was gonna tip over, it was rocking, I had that moment where I turned and I went, ‘He’s gonna have a heart attack, cos he was like sweating and I’m gonna be up in the air and just because he dies why should I die, I should learn how to fly. At least I could land and possibly get him to the hospital in time'.

106. I loved the episodes of 'Charmed' that I directed. My favorite was the last one I directed, which was also the last one I was in. I remember we had this brand new 80 foot crane. John Woo was the only other person to have used it, and I loooove John Woo. So I took the budget to Mr. Spelling and said, “if anything on this equipment list is over budget, I’ll pay out of pocket.” I just wanted to make my last episode phenomenal. And then I came in under budget.

107. I have a two-story house, so I’m constantly going up and down the stairs carrying a vacuum cleaner and dusting supplies. I may want to get my ass to the gym at some point, but not yet. Will Shannen create a line of vacuums? “Either that or jeans that lift your butt!” she jokes.- On exercise

108. Who wouldn't?! Just sitting down with her and listening to all her humanitarian efforts, I think you could learn a lot from a woman like that, I'm a big, big fan of hers!- Her dream double date is with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

109. I think people feel like, just because they're sitting behind a computer and they're anonymous, that they can be very mean. I don't quite really understand people's need to be so cruel to not only each other, but to animals and to the planet in general.

110. I used to say when I was younger, and a little bit more stupid, that it wasn't my responsibility to be a role model...that my job was an actor and my other job was to actually just live my life. And as I got older, I started really understanding and sort of grasping the responsibility that I do have and that I think the entertainment industry in general has, because what we put out there people see and young kids see...So it's profound and, again, incredibly humbling.

111. I'm so sick of the selfies and the gossip sites. Our world is dying and people worry about a reality star or something else insignificant. Let's open our eyes and hearts to what's really important. Enough bullshit. These gossip sites could effect change if they wanted to. Instead they post about crap. What if social media was used to evoke change instead of pettiness? Imagine what we could do. Bottom line... It's about us. It's what we can do what we are willing to put forth what we think is relevant.

112. Cancer has in a strange way done some amazing things for me. It's allowed me to be more me, like much more in touch with who I am, and much more vulnerable and the person that I always was, but I think it got hidden behind a lot of other stuff"


113. Sometimes I'll go on and I'll visit Web sites. There's one really great site -- out of 10,000 I found one that's really nice!- On www.Shannen-Doherty.net

114. I contacted Dianna so that I could post on this site, to say thank you to all of you for your constant support. Its means a lot to me.

115. It’s nice to go on line once in a while and actually read nice things.

116. They’re awesome!- On the members

117. I love the site and come on it a lot to see what you all have to say. Its important to me to know how you feel and think.- The guestbook

118. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I love you all for it.- To the Members

119. I would just like to say that Dianna is indeed, from what I can tell, a very honest person. She would not lie. - To Dianna

120. You inspired me.- To Kristin

121. I noticed a lot of you defended me on the “North Shore" Message Board and I want to say THANK YOU!!! It means so much to me. It is very hard to read hateful things about myself and it helps when there are few nice posts.

122. WOW!! You guys were amazing on the “North Shore" Message Board. Thank you so much. You all did make happy and proud! You guys are the best and I love you all so much.