Shannen and her fans

*Shannen at the Hollywood Show on July 18-19 2009
in Burbank, California USA at the Marriot Hotel and Convention Center*

Photos © to Ryan Quiambao.

"Oh my God! I did it! My dream finally came true for the love of Shannen Doherty! I finally came face to face with this amazing woman! She was to die for! Seeing her in person was surreal. My brother and I were able to get into the Hollywood Show! We were looking around for ten minutes and we finally saw her keosk over at the back corner where she was hardly visible. My goodness, the woman is beautiful in person!

Very easygoing, very relaxing, cool, calm, and very humble! This is definitely not the Shannen we no longer hear about in tabloids or gossip shows anywhere. She's changed anew. It's hard not to look at her, she just caught my attention immediately at first glance.

When I fell in line to get an autograph, of course I bought some photos of the lovely Shannen. I was also listening to some of the conversations she had with the fans. Like one, she told a guy that happened to work for Fox Studios that he was interested in contacting her for major project that they would like for her to work with that is in the works. Shannen agreed to look into that and exchanged numbers with this gentlemen that was in front of me in the line.

Another guy who was with him also asked a question about her relationship with Tori Spelling and if they were really in a feud. The answer was no and that she rescinded that answer by saying its all the media twisting things around by over exaggerating the truth way too much. She actually is friends with Tori on a mutual basis and that they talk every now and then.

After a ten minute conversation which held up the autograph line with these two gentlemen. Finally I was able to come up to her and finally talk to her in person for the first time.....

I asked her questions like, "Oh how are you? What have you been up to lately." She responded by saying "Oh really good, very good actually." in a very soft spoken tone. She said that she just finished wrapping up the the Independent films she did for Burning Palms and Encounter With Danger. She already finished shooting her scenes for A Beautiful Outsider while it's now in post production and is now getting ready to star in a play in Nashville in her homestate of Tennessee.

I also asked if she continues to stay in touch with anyone from the original 90210 and the one person whom she is now close with more than ever is Jennie Garth. I also asked her if she found out about the birth of Jason Priestley's second child and yes, she is now aware of the news and congratulated him for that.

The last question I asked is if the rumor was true that she was no longer going to return to 90210, she said that rumor is now official she will NOT return to 90210 next season..... That was pretty much it for me and Shannen speaking on such short terms, but hey they're were other people in line waiting to meet her so that was good from there.....

Thank you Shannen Doherty for your sharing with us your gifts and rare talent, I'll continue to support your career in anyway I can as a hardcore Shannen fan! To you and everyone else who haven't met her. Please do so now, while you still can! This is the only time you'll ever get to interact with her again. Good luck!"


Photo © to Ken from Canada.

"I had a chance to meet her in person (which if you had asked me I would have said was a less than 1% liklihood.)

I found her to be very nice and extremely accommodating to the fans (even to the bozo of a dealer with the stack of Playboys at the front of the line.)"


Photos © to Nikky Coly.

"I got up to L.A. at about 10am went and checked in and followed the signs that said Shannen Doherty rm 131. She was the only person I went for so I went over there first, there was about 20 -25 people in front of me, not bad. I had heard from others that she was expected at 10:30am so we waited, I met a very cool guy that was all about 90210 also so we remisnised and laughed and talked about different episodes etc. They had first set her up in a separate building, thinking she would have the most fans I guess, which she did but that later, we were lined up in a hallway, like a hotel hallway, pretty small and all of a sudden the guy from Hollywood show came walking up with her. They were like she is here, walked by me, maybe 1 foot from me seriously close. I froze, I was in awwww. I remember sayiing YAY and she looked a me smiled and said Hi guys. Then I was nervous, she looked great, she was wearing a black tank top, cream, khaki type pands and flip flops. Barely any make up and still looked perfect. So we waited and it was HOT in that building, all of a sudden they told us to stay in line and walk into the convention main hall cause they were going to move her. So we did, about 10 minutes later it was my turn. She looked at me and smiled. I made a joke, I said something like, are you ready for me cause I have a lot of stuff. She laughed and said yep. So I walked closer I introduced myself she shook my hand. I told her she was amazing and it was the highlight of my life to meet her. She seemed shy like and not big headed at all. She smiled, gave me eye contact and seemed geniunly happy to meet me. I gave her my script and she looked at me and was like, where did you get this, I told her ebay and she was like Really? she was amazed and I toold her it was my fav episode. She commented and flipped through and she was like brenda and Dylan meet right? And I was like yep...It's all about brenda and Dylan. The women that was in her group said, Of course lol She signed my I slept with Dylan shirt, she got a laugh at it and said sorry cause it was hard to write on and I was like no I am sorry for being a pain in the ass, she laughed and said you arent being a pain in the ass, the shirt is lol. She was asking questions like what color, and made sure she spelled my name right I looked at her and was like I dont care lol I just cant believe I am looking at you. She smiled the whole time. I pulled out my spring dance B/D pic and her group made over it. The women was like I love this one and then she was like do you have the one when they are sitting on his car and I was like Baja? and she was like yeah! I said no but I did on my computer. The older women said that was her favorite. Shannen just laughed and smiled. Then I said in a playfully stern voice, And Shannen...we are ALL still waiting for our Shannen and Luke reunion. She got very shy and embarrassed and acted REALLY cute about it. THEN this is the kicker, the older women, I dont think it was her mom but maybe said they were suppose to do LOVE LETTERS together and it fell threw. CAN YOU ****ING IMAGINE AND that was the play Brenda and Dylan saw in the V-day epi. I looked at Shannen and my mouth dropped, I was like OMG that would have been epic and she agreed. After she was done sighing my stuff we took 2 pictures together, in which I have to admit I look horrible and way fat but WHO CARES! lol she thanked me for being a fan and used my first name and I thanks her for signing and for being her and she gave me two pictures for free which was cool (I spent 100 bucks at her booth lol) I also thanked her for doing the new 90 even though the storylines sucked, I playfully shrugged and made a joke like sorry, Brenda and Dylan fan here. She nodded and said no problem I am just glad they hired me, I was like oh please you are the only reason people watched it and I left on CLOUD NINE. I was so happy and overwhelmed, after I left, went to my car and cried lol I kept my cool with her making small talk and jokes and stuff and then went out there and BAM fell apart. She was so incredible I cant even explain it. I hope she does more of those cause I WILL MOST DEFINATELY go again."


Photos © to Erik Nakamoto.

I went to the Hollywood Collector's Show on July 18, 2009 at Burbank, CA (Los Angeles) and finally got to meet my teen crush way back when she was on "Our House". Before I got up there, I overheard a fan ask these questions:
"Are you going to be back for this (current) season of 90210?" No
"Which of the older cast members are you close with?" Jennie Garth.
I was next. I always wanted to ask her this question, since its been years of rumored production:
ME: "Are you going to be cast in (the planned/in production?) Heathers 2?"
Shannen: "No but you should write to them"
I got her to sign a DVD cover of "Mallrats" (My Second favorite movie of her in it because it was directed by my favorite director, Kevin Smith.) And before I walked off, I asked her
"Oh What's your favorite Music Group?"
Shannen: U2
Me: Mines too!
That was it, and I got to pose with my all time favorite actress growing up. It vindicates us fans who had to endure all the hate from haters over the years, and she proved that she grew up, out of her bad repetation in which I doubt some of today's young tabloid stars will. They will hope to have a career as long as Shannen's.
Thank you, Shannen for taking the time to meet your true lifetime fans.


*Shannen at Spooky Empire on October 9-10 2009 in Orlando, Florida USA at the Wyndham Orlando Resort and Convention Center*

Photos © to Dianna (the webmaster) & Jamie.

"Jamie and I had a BLAST, it was the best weekend ever! We met her on Friday and she was really pleased to see us. She gave us the biggest hugs ever! Later that day we met up and had a small chat before she had to meet her boyfriend, Kurt Iswarienko. On Saturday we met up with her to give her a gift before I hosted the Q&A. The Q&A was so much fun! I was really nervous but it went well. Shannen made me feel at ease before she came out. I also interviewed Brian krause too which was cool. After an hour interviewing Shannen and Brian we later met up with Shannen at a restaurant where we had drinks, it was great to catch up. She invited us to the VIP party which we went to and hung out. It was an open bar and there were a ton of other celebrities too. While at the VIP party, she then invited us to the next party! We hung out with her the whole time and Kurt was there too. He's a great guy, really down to earth. Shannen was so kind hearted and really sweet, Jamie and I had so much fun with her. She spent as much time as she could with us. She stayed up until 1am at the party when she had to get up at 5am for her flight. We had an amazing time, and hope to hang out again someday!"


*Shannen at Collectormania on November 28-29 2009 in London, UK at Earls Court Olympia*

Photo © to Sarah-Lucy.

"It was on amazing experience getting to meet Shannen in person, I never actually thought i would ever get to see her but that was made possible when she came to London in Nov 09. I remember myself, Rachael from the boards and her friend Emma where in the first group to get their photo taken with her, it was so nerve-racking! I always take my glasses off in photos but I am so blind I was scared I might have stood on her foot!! Shannen was so warm and friendly when the photos were taken. After that we looked around the venue then went upstairs and queued to get an autograph of Shannen. When it was my turn I was so nervous I couldn't get out half of what I was wanting to say to her! I did tell her we were from Dianna's boards which she was pleased about and told her we were going to the Charmed talk which herself and Brian Kruase we chatting for 45 minutes to people with tickets. Sadly the venue organisers did allow us to take personal photos with Shannen, it was their rules which had to be obeyed.

It was one of the best days of my life, we were all so happy! I wished I had the courage to tell Shannen I had been her fan since she was on Little House on the Prairie but Kinia made a book which board members had a chance to contributed too so I am glad I told her in that.

It was wonderful meeting up with other boards members too, Rachael, Kinia, Chuck, Lauren, AuntyGail, Marta all at the venue, I just wished our time was longer!

It was an amazing experience which I shall Cherish for the rest of my life. Thank You Shannen for making it all possible, you are an amazing person and also a very talented actress."


Photo © to Chuck.

"I have to confess that when I went to London to go to Collectormania... I really wasn't going to see Shannen. Don't get me wrong, I love her work and I think she's incredibly talented. I'm just not very... fannish. I don't really collect autographs or anything like that. I love people, the personal connections. Meeting a celebrity never struck me as making a personal connection, and I guess a celebrity is what Shannen was to me. I mean, yes, I knew she was a friend of Dianna's... but that doesn't make her a friend of mine.

I got a picture taken with Shannen primarily because Dianna would've killed me if I hadn't. And I took the opportunity to say hi from Dianna. But I was really there to meet the other members of the boards, and mainly I figured with that huge crowd of people the nicest thing I could do was stay out of her way. But when I heard how she came up to talk to Lauren and her little cousin Beth, and how she hugged them... and later how she talked with Kinia on Sunday... Well, I guess she became a person for me then. And if I ever see her again, I'll say hi from me next time."


Photo © to Kinga Blacerzak

"I’ve always dreamed about meeting Shannen in person, and Collectormania’09 gave me this opportunity. The first time I saw Shannen was on the saturday when I got a photo together with her then later I got her autograph too. I went on after this to the Charmed talk and I then gave Shannen the Christmas book we made for her with our wishes and pictures etc. On Sunday I had finally a chance to talk to her and I sat in front of her and we talked about the boards, Collectormania, us, and her. I asked her few questions that she answered. She was the nicest person I had ever talked to. She looked into my eyes and smiled all the time. When we finished she hugged me and said few nice things. Those two days were definitely the best two days in my life! I’m also glad I could meet some of boards members: Rachael, Emma, Chuck, Lauren, AuntyGail, Marta, Sarah. Thank You guys.And Finally thank You Shannen, You made my dream possible to come true."


Photos © to Michelle

"I loved my experience when I met Shannen. It was just great and when I was waiting to go in as I had an early bird pass I was so excited and nervous as I didn't know how Shannen would be with me.
As soon as those doors opened I went straight away to find where Shannen was and get my queing ticket with my uncle and in the first 30 mins I had my first 5 autographs. She liked my pet bird pictures I took to get signed and the first thing she said to me was - Are these your birds?
Then I go yes they are and when I told her my birds names she was surprised as I named them after one of her characters she had played. She goes - Are you serious?
I go yes and I point to which one is who and then she does the same to make sure she got them right. She repeated their names when she pointed back at them. Kurt was wondering what was going on and asked Shannen what we were on about so I repeated it again to him and told him who I named them after."


*Shannen at Anaheim Comic Con on April 17 2010 in Anaheim, California USA at 800 West Katella Avenue*

Photo © to Eliazar Medina

"I was pretty speechless when I saw her!! I just told her Hi & that I loved her on 90210!! She was very friendly!!"


Photo © to Andre Ramirez

"Dear Beautiful Shannen, I had the pleasure of meeting you and Holly today at the Anaheim Convention Center and enjoyed having a photo taken with both of you, you two have a great personality and that is why fans want to meet and spend at least a few minutes with the Charming and delightful women as you two. I had a really great time today and as far as I'm concerned you two looked FANTASTIC. Always Andre"


*Shannen at Borders Books on November 2nd 2010 in New York City, New York USA at Columbus Circle*

Photos © to UsedKarma

"I took a bus from Philadelphia to New York, early in the morning, because I didn't want to take any chances with there being a big crowd. It was only my second trip to NYC, so as I waited for the signing, I looked around the city. Seeing a new place, and meeting Shannen? A pretty amazing day.

At around four, I took a seat at Borders, and met two really cool fans, who aren't members here. We talked about 90210 and Charmed, and gushed about how beautiful we thought she was, Once it was finally time to line up, we were so nervous!

Shannen was there right on time, and once the signing started, there was a pretty nice size crowd. The girl that I met while waiting, literally started crying when she met Shannen, and of course Shannen started crying too. It was really sweet. When it was my turn, I told Shannen about trying to see her in Atlantic City last year, but there was a huge snow storm, and the club closed. We both had a good laugh, and I told her how much I loved her work, and how amazing I thought she was.

She is SUCH A sweet person. Beyond beautiful, and truly loves her fans!"


Photos © to Kristen

My dad and I left my house at 1:30, and after a few stops along the way, finally made it to Borders in Columbus Circle in NYC at 3:30. I bought my copy of Badass, and immediately took a seat in the events area, ready for a 3.5 hour wait.

While waiting, I met up with a fan I’d met on Twitter and her twin sister. The three of us spent the entire time talking, mostly about Shannen and Charmed.

After 2.5 hours of waiting, it was time to line up. We were very close to the front of the line, and were so nervous and excited!

Another hour of talking, and it was finally 7:00. Shannen was right on time, and after some pictures of her were taken, it was time for her to meet the fans.

We were around fifth on line, and soon the girls I met were up, meaning that I would be next. Once it was my turn, I was so excited. I told Shannen how I was going to go to the signing on Long Island too, and she took my name so she’d remember that I was coming again. Then she signed my copy of the book coming down to take a picture with me. She saw my dad ready to photograph us and thanked him for driving me there, before she took a picture with me. I thanked her, and she said she’d see me on Saturday, at the Long Island signing.

Due to an unfortunate recent event, the second meeting did not take place, but I am still very grateful for getting to meet my idol even once. Shannen is so sweet and such an amazing person! When I tell people about this day, I call it the highlight of my life so far, and it definitely was!


*Shannen at Barnes & Noble on November 3rd 2010 in Freehold, New Jersey USA at Freehold*

Photos © to Sabrina

"So, me and my cousin got to Barnes and Nobles in Freehold around 7:30pm and there was lines wrapped around the place, inside. I walked by the window and say Shannen sitting there, and nearly freaked out! There was my idol...holy crap! We got in line and we only waited about an hour before we got to meet her. I was able to text Linzy back and forth and keep her updated with all that was going on. When I got up to Shannen, she opened the book to sign and i had my letter and Kristen's letters to give her. I said, one is from me and one's from Kristen from the message boards and she said awee thank u so much. Ahh the message boards. And we laughed. She asked me how Kristen was making out and I said very well. She started signing my book and wrote, Sabrina, good seeing you in Jersey this time, not knowing this, I said, I met you in New York in 2004 and she shook her head and said, yelp! She handed me back my book and stood to take a picture with me. Than I asked if my cousin could get in, as well, to which she said yes. I said, Im sorry, Im killing you right now, and she laughed and said, nah you've done this plenty of times, we've met a few times, we're old pros. And im like, well, one time and she's like, okay two now! She is sooooooo beyond sweet and my night was freakin amazing. Here are the pictures from my nite. Also, her and I were dressed almost identical from head to toe...ha. Hope u enjoy these as much as I did."


*Shannen at Barnes & Noble on December 14th 2010 in Los Angeles, California USA at The Grove Mall*

Photos © to Ryan Quiambao.

"I was able to meet Shannen Doherty once again in Los Angeles for the signing of her book, 'Badass' at The Grove Mall in Barnes and Noble. I came early and I was able to get a wrist band, while there I fell in line with a group of people who were fans of Shannen and we reminisced about her when she was on Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed. Surprisingly a fan had pointed out before she had originally left 90210 in 1994, she had already filmed her scenes in London, when it was decided that she didn't return, those scenes were cut from Season 5 of the show. While waiting I was able to read a few pages from her book, 'Badass' it was an interesting read for the most part. Shannen finally arrived fifteen minutes late, I was excited to see her again, she looked absolutely stunning. When it came time for me to get her to sign my book, I let her know that I had met her at the Hollywood Show in Burbank, and immediately she remembered and recognized me from last year. I asked her, "What's new." and she responded, "My book for the most part." I also gave my condolences for her late father's passing and I gave her my wishes, she also said that she had read all the messages posted on the message board on your site. She also mentioned what you had posted in an earlier report that donations are being made in honor of her late father for the American Diabetes Association. Meeting Shannen Doherty once again, was another good experience because this time I was not as nervous as most of the other fans who were meeting her for the first time. She seemed very content and at ease with everything in her life and the book that she signed let her know that she was glad to see me again. Before I left her one last time she also said, "Send my love to Dianna." Then I left, she smiled and I parted ways. - Ryan Quiambao"


*Shannen at Comic Con Wizard World on January 10-11 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana USA at the New Orleans Morial Convention Center*

Photos © to Ryan Stickney.

"I got to meet Shannen this past week which was quite a great experience. My friend works at a booth and appears quite frequently at Wizard World conventions . This January marked the. New Orleans convention/ Charmed Reunion. I was able to get a ticket to the event and was elated to find out I'd be meeting Shannen in person as I have wanted to for years and financially could never make it work. I had spoken to Shannen on the the phone the previous November (where she appeaered at the Ohio convention) my friend also ended up working that comvention and after telling Shannen how her biggest fan in the world was on the phone (also mentioning my Shannen-faced clock in my room) the y turned the phone over to me and I was in awe! She joked around with me about how cool a Shannen face clock must be and how I could not believe it was actually her on the phone! At the convention I also brought up the phone call and we had a good laugh , a great little chat and a nice hug. I told her I wrote a letter but it seemed to have got lost in my bag but she told me I could come and see her again at her booth no problem when i foind it. One thing which struck me about Shannen the most, and you see it too when she is being interviewed as well, but how genuine she is. Her smile as if she could completely understand and appreciate how incredibly excited and happy I was. I've rarely met any celebrities in person but you expect some sort of pretention or fake smile. I've always known Shannen to be a true and honest woman but to see that emulate when there were no cameras is what i valued most. - Ryan Stickney"


*Shannen at Steel City Con on April 15-17 2016 in Monroeville, Pennsylvania USA at the Monroeville Convention Center*

Photos © to Ryan Romano.

"Several months ago, I was going thru my Facebook news feed and saw the advertisement for the Steel City Con in my hometown of Pittsburgh. I clicked on the link and could not believe who was going to be attending…Shannen Doherty!! I had wanted to meet her since 1990 when Beverly Hills, 90210 had come out. I did live in Los Angeles for a couple of years and was in the audience of one of the talk shows when Shannen was a guest, but I did not get to meet her then. I immediately bought a three day weekend pass for the convention and counted down the days. My first time face-to-face with Shannen came on Friday, April 15th. I signed up to take a professional 8X10 photo with her (wearing my 90210 shirt of course). It came to be my turn and I was super nervous walking into the room. I told her that I was so excited to meet her, we took the picture, I thanked her, and she replied, “Thank you, honey!” while rubbing my back. A dream of meeting her finally came true. Once she returned to her signing table, I went over to get her autograph. She really liked the picture I had brought for her to sign. It was a picture from Entertainment Weekly back when the 90210 reboot was happening. She signed it, I thanked her once again, and wished her a happy belated birthday. Then, I went to my car, retrieved the birthday gifts I had bought for her (a bottle of wine and a cool picture frame I had found and put three pictures of her dog in it), and came back to give it to her. I waited for my turn and when she looked at me, I asked, “Can I give you a birthday gift?” She responded, “Awww, seriously?” I handed her the bag and she set it down, got up from the table, and came around to me and gave me a huge hug. She also said to Holly Marie, “I got a birthday gift!” She thanked me and I left the convention for the day. It was a great moment that I will always remember. The second day, I had another professional 8X10 pic taken with her. Afterwards, I again went to the autograph table and asked if she opened the gift. She said she did and thought the frame was cool. We also talked about how cute her dog is. She once again got up and gave me a big hug. Was I dreaming? Was Shannen Doherty...the girl who played my favorite character on tv, Brenda Walsh, hugging me again? When she signed the picture I brought that day, she wrote, "Thanks for being you." I thought that was sweet. I also attended the Q&A that her and Holly did that afternoon. Both seem eager and willing to do something with a Charmed reboot. By the third day, she remembered me for sure (haha!). I got my picture with her at her table using my camera this time and had several more pictures signed. Shannen was so sweet each time I went up to her, and she even had the guy take an extra (free!) picture, because I had spent so much money on autographs and pictures, I guess. Shannen seems to really enjoy meeting her fans. Very personable and friendly. It is so awesome when you meet someone that you have admired for so long, and they live up to everything you hoped they would be. I will cherish the memories of that weekend forever! A big thank you to Shannen for coming to Pittsburgh!!