2004 News

News on Shannen! (2004)

30/12/04-Shannen has made a new post!! Click here to view it.

28/12/04-I have added a gallery for 'Another Day'.

23/12/04-Merry Christmas everyone! I have updated the exclusive 'Charmed' puzzle. Version 2 is now online thanks to Luis so have fun! I have took version 1 offline.

19/12/04-Added a 'Night Shift' and an 'Obsessed' gallery.

13/12/04-'North shore' is on the fence about getting a second season or not. Please email fox to support the show! Click here to e-mail them.

04/12/04-Updated the 'North Shore' gallery as promised.

02/12/04-Updated the 'North Shore' gallery. More coming soon.

22/11/04-Added stills from the 'Ellen Degeneres show' (see filmography).

21/11/04-More news regarding the 'Charmed' DVDs! Amazon are now taking pre-orders and to see a picture of the artwork, click here! please note that the release date is for the USA. When I get news for the UK and other countries, I'll post it here.

11/11/04-Added the scan from 'People' magazine thanks again to FRZ!

10/11/04-'Charmed' is finally coming out on DVD!!! Official word from the studio of the exact street date for 'Charmed' - Season 1 is February 1, 2005. Information thanks to TvShowsOnDVD.com.

09/11/04-Shannen is in the November 15th issue of 'People' magazine. I have uploaded the Interview (thanks to FRZ from the message boards!) and I will put some scans up as soon as I get some that are of high quality.

06/11/04-Uploaded an interview from the 'Cleveland Plain Dealer' online newspaper. Fox also emailed me some new 'North Shore' clips that I have added.

31/10/04-Shannen will be on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on the ABC Network on Monday November 1st and 'Ellen Degeneres show' on November 2nd. Check your local listings for the times in your area.

22/10/04-Added some photos of Shannen shopping in LA.

21/10/04-Added a new 'Charmed' musical video.

20/10/04-Added a gallery for 'The Rendering'.

19/10/04-Added galleries for 'Nowhere', 'Striking Poses', 'Friends Til the End', 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun', 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back', 'The Battle of Mary Kay' and 'Mallrats'.

17/10/04-Added a gallery for 'Heathers'.

16/10/04-Added a gallery for 'Jailbreakers' in the filmography section. I will be adding more galleries within the next few days.

09/10/04-Shannen posted three times today!!! Click here to view her new thread and here to view her second reply. Click here to view her third reply!

03/10/04-Added lots of 'North Shore' stills to the gallery plus galleries for 'Almost Dead' and 'Gone in the Night'.

25/09/04-Added a 'North Shore' gallery with 25 images! Please see the filmography section.

20/09/04-Shannen attended the Fox after party at this years Emmy Awards yesterday on September 19th 2004. You will find 18 images from this event in the 'In Public & Events' gallery.

18/09/04-Added a new article to the usual section. Don't forget to watch 'North Shore' this coming Monday, September 20th at 8/7c, only on FOX!

17/09/04-More air dates for 'North Shore'! Bellport; Sept. 27th and Leverage; November 4th. The show will be on hiatus in October due to the Baseball Season. So far, she has made six episodes and counting.

10/09/04-Some dates for your diary: The first air date for Shannen's appearance on 'North Shore' is September 20th and it's titled: Alexandra. I'll keep you all up to date.

05/09/04-Added a new video to the video clips section about Piper missing her sister Prue.

04/09/04-Shannen has made a new post. To view it please click here.

30/08/04-The site was down for a few days because I had to move hosts, again! The company that was hosting the site basically did a runner therefore I had to pay for everything all over again. There could be some more downtime in the next few days too. Thank you for your patience!

26/08/04-Added a new magazine scan to the gallery thanks to Nick.

15/08/04-On Shannen's first day of work on 'North Shore', Fox gave a full season pickup order to the Hawaii-set soap!

12/08/04-Shannen made another two posts before leaving for Hawaii. Click here to view them. (one is straight after the other in the same thread)

10/08/04-Shannen has dropped by at the message boards once again. She confirms that she is going to be doing a few episodes for the TV show, 'North Shore'. Click here to view her latest post. We wish you the best of luck for the show and we hope you enjoy your time in Hawaii!

09/08/04-Uploaded a new interview from NY Post. She talks about her new sitcom and says that she's not her seeing her ex, Rick Solomon, like most tabloids reported. She bumped into him at a party, it was friendly. She is still close to her ex-stepchildren.

02/08/04-Good news for all UK fans! You can see Shannen on the 'Graham Norton Effect' on the 18th of September on BBC3. Enjoy!

29/07/04-Shannen is on the 'Graham Norton Effect' tonight at 9:00PM CST on Comedy Central (Cox Cable Channel 53). There will also be repeats on tomorrow at 11:00AM and 7:00PM. Plus Saturday at 11:00AM and Sunday at 11:00AM. Please see your TV guide for more information. There is also a repeat of 'Celebrity Blackjack', on Sunday at 5:00PM through to 8:00PM CST. Check your local TV guide for the times in your area.

27/07/04-Added two more exclusive 'Scare Tactics' promos to the gallery.

25/07/04-Shannen attended the '5th Annual Art For Life Benefit' at the home of Russell Simmons yesterday (24th) in East Hampton, New York. I have added some new photos from the event courtesy of Matthew Peyton at Getty Images.

22/07/04-Yesterday (21st) Shannen attended the 'Catwoman' after party. New photos are in the gallery!

19/07/04-Shannen was in USA Weekend, dated July 9th-11th 2004. I have uploaded the interview and the scans.

18/07/04-Shannen posted again! click here to view it. (a reply to a thread)

16/07/04-I have added more 'Scare Tactics' promos to the gallery.

15/07/04-Shannen posted twice at the message boards today! click here to view the first one and click here to view the second.

09/07/04-Shannen made a new post today! click here to view it.

04/07/04-I just wanted to say that, there are new photos of Shannen out and about but I feel that it would be wrong to put them on the site, not only do they invade her privacy but she didn't know she was being watched. All photos like that will be ignored unless Shannen approves of them. I know there are some paparazzi photos in the gallery but Shannen doesn't mind those ones, and the ones that she does were removed.

19/06/04-Shannen has made a new post! click here to view it. She confirms that she has left 'Scare Tactics' and is working on her two new shows. Also, like Shannen said, we are planning a live chat so we'll keep you all up to date on that as soon as we fix a time and day.

06/06/04-Added some new photos of Shannen from 'In The Wings' (May 24th), and some other photos of Shannen out and about, shopping in Malibu.

24/05/04-Shannen will be part of the reading of the new comedy, 'In the Wings' on May 24th-25th at the Revelation Theatre. Tony-winning producer Stewart F. Lane will direct the two-performance reading of his new comedy, In the Wings. Shannen will be joined onstage by Luke McFarlane and singer-actress Jana Robbins. Shannen has the role of a Broadway star who lives in New York city. Show time is at 6:00PM on May 24th and 3:00PM May 25th. A question-and-answer session with playwright Lane will follow the readings. In the Wings will be read at the Revelation Theatre, 334 West 39th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues. Those interested in attending should call Eva Karloczy at the Saxton Group, (212) 672-0509.

21/05/04-Shannen, along with D.L. Hughley, Bijou Phillips, Willie Garson and Caroline Rhea will be presenting Celebrity Blackjack tomorrow (May 22, 2004). Celebrities will be playing for their favourite charities. It Premieres on Monday, July 5th (10:00 -- 11:00 PM ET/PT) exclusively on GSN. Shannen's part will air on Monday, July 26th (10:00 -- 11:00 PM ET/PT) on GSN. Be sure to watch it!!

16/05/04-Added some new banners that may be used at message boards BUT please do not direct link any of them. Thank you.

13/05/04-I have added some exclusive 'Scare Tactics' promos to the gallery.

18/04/04-I have uploaded a new article from http://www.sfgate.com about Shannen talking about THIS website. Enjoy!

12/04/04-HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNEN! Have a wonderful day. I hope it will bring much happiness and of course, many presents! Much love from everyone here at Shannen-Doherty.net

11/04/04-Have you ever met Shannen? would you like to share your story and photos with the rest of the fans? if so please send them in!

05/04/04-Shannen has made a new post! Click here to read it!

01/04/04-Shannen mentioned ME (Dianna) and THIS website (shannen-doherty.net) on Jimmy Kimmel Live today! This proves that it is Shannen posting at the message boards if you didn't believe it. Now the site is safe - if you saw the show you will have heard Shannen talk about the message board host wanting proof that it's really her posting at the site.

30/03/04-Shannen has made a reply to a topic and answered a few questions. To view her reply, click here. She mentions that she will be on the 'Ryan Seacrest show' and the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' tomorrow. Check your TV guide for the time in your area. These are a must to see!! Enjoy!!!

29/03/04-Shannen was a guest at a birthday party for Bruce Willis. I have added a new photo from the event.

28/03/04-Shannen attended 'Rodeo Drive Walk of Style' - an event honoring Tom Ford. I have added five new photos from the event to the gallery.

07/03/04-Shannen will be on 'The View' Monday March 8th (tommorrow) at 11:00AM, check your TV guides for more information.

05/03/04-Shannen will be on 'Carson Daly live' on March 11th. I have also added 5 new photos of Shannen. Three with Rose McGowan and two where she attended Entertainment Weekly's party celebrating their 10th Anniversary Oscar.

29/02/04-Shannen will be on 'LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY' TOMORROW, MARCH 1ST. Check your TV guide for more information. Enjoy!

27/02/04-I now have the bigger photos for Shannen in Miami! Check them out!

24/02/04-Shannen is back! She really does love her fans a lot!! There are 2 new posts! To view the first one click here and to view her second, click here. Also, there are some new photos of Shannen in Miami on wireimage.com. (At the places she said she would be) 19/2/04 and heres the second lot 21/2/04. If I get the bigger photos I will post them in the gallery and put a note up here so that you know.

22/02/04-'Scare Tactics' is airing in France as 'Serial Piegeurs'. Unfortunately, Shannen doesn't host it but the French hostess Anne-Gaelle Riccio does. Still, you French fans should watch it because it is funny, and, after all, Shannen will appear in some of the pranks. It's the same as 'Scare Tactics', but hosted by Anne-Gaelle Riccio instead of Shannen. It's on every Friday night on the M6 channel.

19/02/04-'Night Light' (a.k.a 'View of Terror') will be airing on Lifetime on March 1st at 9:00PM ET. Enjoy!

17/02/04-Added a new screensaver of Shannen! It's 100% exclusive and can be found in the Multimedia section. Enjoy!

15/02/04-Shannen has made two new posts!! She has given us some updates. Click here to view the first and here to view the second. She reveals some exclusive information!

11/02/04-I just wanted to let you all know that Shannen has made a post at the message boards! I know this is a dream come true for you ALL! Yes!, it's really Shannen Doherty! It has been checked and I have spoken to her by phone and email, it's really her! Come on in and chat! To view her first post click here.

09/02/04-'Scare tactics' will be airing new episodes on march 4th. They have moved the show to thursday's. (Thanks for the info Shannen)

05/02/04-Updated the 'Send a Postcard' section with different photos.

20/01/04-There will be a 'Scare Tactics' marathon on Sunday, March 7th at 9:00AM-6:00PM ET/PT. Enjoy!

11/01/04-Tomorrow Shannen will be a guest at the world premiere of 'Along Came Polly' Monday, January 12 at Grauman's Chinese Theater.

09/01/04-Shannen will be casting for her new TV sitcom real soon and will be shooting the pilot in a few weeks for the pilot season.