2003 News

News on Shannen! (2003)

29/12/03-Channel4.com has named 'Scare Tactics' number 75 in their Greatest TV Treats for 2003.

11/12/03-I have added more detail to the filmography. There is a link at the bottom of the filmography page where you can view everything that Shannen has ever done in categories.

10/12/03-I have added a new gallery for Little House. There are only 6 photos, but if you have any other photos of Little House that you would like to share, then please send them in!

05/12/03-Want to wish Shannen a merry Christmas? well now you can! I have a treat for every Shannen fan out there! You can leave her a Christmas message by signing her Christmas card that I will send to her manager! To see the card click here.

04/12/03-Sorry for the lack of updates! I haven't forgot, there just hasn't been any news recently! But...On December 1st 2003, Shannen celebrated her 23rd year of Showbiz! Congratulations!!

20/11/03-Finally, this website is back online! Also I have some news - 'Scare Tactics' will air in Australia on Friday November 28th on channel 9 at 11:05. Check your tv guide for more details.

17/11/03-Bad news, 'The Ortegas' has been canceled before it even aired!

09/11/03-Important! This website will be offline for about a week as it is changing servers. Everything will be back as soon as the transfer is complete. I am not sure when the transfer will begin but I know it will be in the next few days.

07/11/03-Shannen recently attended the 'Iggy Pop Record Release Party'. I have added 4 new photos from the event to the 'In Public & Events' gallery.

06/11/03-Shannen will be on the 'Late Night show with Conan O'Brien' on Friday night on the NBC channel. Check your tv guide for the time in your area.

05/11/03-Shannen attended the 'Celebrities Bare Legs For Dewars Dressed To Kilt' charity event on November, 2nd. I have added 20 new photos to the 'In Public & Events' gallery.

02/11/03-It's fashion week in Los Angeles. Shannen attended the 'Floosie Lingerie' show yesterday.

31/10/03-Don't forget Shannen will be on the 'Sharon Osbourne show' on the WB channel today! Check your tv guide for the time in your area. Also, Don't forget the 'Scare Tactics' Halloween Scare-tacular which is also on today in the USA and the UK. Again, Check your tv guide for the time in your area. Enjoy!!

30/10/03-Shannen attended a PlayStation 2 celebrity gaming tournament for charity. You can find 5 photos from the event in the 'In Public & Events' gallery.

29/10/03-Shannen's Playboy interview has been uploaded to the 'Articles and Interviews' section.

26/10/03-Shannen has signed a deal with NBC to star in her own tv sitcom. It is yet to be titled. The show is about a young woman who is stuck with a reputation of being headstrong and nasty but is nice and fragile at heart. Pariah co-head of production Jessika Borsiczky said the following: "The idea has some reference to her own life and her own reputation about a girl who's known for being tough and bad but actually is a lot softer and maybe smarter and nicer than people realise," She offered a glimpse of her comedic abilities during a guest appearance on 'The Ortega's', which Pariah is producing for Fox. Jessika Borsiczky says: "She was very funny," "We think that her charisma comes across a lot more with comedy than anything else. We think it's a great way to showcase her." More news coming soon!

25/10/03-Shannen will be on the cover of 'Playboy' in December and is featured inside in a sultry 10-page nude pictorial, pictured underwater, walking in the clouds and just plain seductive in fishnet stockings. Issue on newsstands Friday October 24th. I have added the cover and the 10 pages to the 'Magazine Pictures & Photo shoots' section but I had to censored them for understandable reasons. In this issue, Shannen is quoted saying - "I wish I had conducted myself better on occasion and been more private, but I would rather live my life to the fullest than constantly conduct myself in a certain way to gain approval from others," "I've always been outspoken about my opinions, and there's something to be said for having the courage to just live your life. I have regrets but no apologies." She last appeared on the cover of Playboy's March 1994 issue and was featured inside as part of photographer Michel Comte's "Safe Sex, Great Sex" photo essay with 14 other celebrities including Mariel Hemingway, Mimi Rogers and Helena Christiansen.

24/10/03- A special Halloween presentation of Sci-Fi's 'Scare Tactics' will air October 31st at 10:00PM and 12:00AM. Don't forget! Also, she is in talks to allow her image to be used on 'Charmed', including the making of a Prue doll, a picture to be placed on the set and old footage of her to be used in flashbacks.

01/10/03-There is a website for 'Night Light'/'View of Terror'. To view it click here.

27/09/03-'Scare Tactics' will air in New Zealand on TV3, at 8:00PM on September 30th.

18/09/03-'Night Light' will first be broadcast in Canada later this month. It will air on The Movie Network on the 27th at 9:00PM. It is interesting but The Movie Network is a pay Canadian channel. It should then air in Europe and the US sometime after that but there isn't anything specific at this time. The movie is called 'View of Terror' in Canada.

14/09/03-Added a new page about Shannen's Horoscope and uploaded a new interview called "Shannen gets the last laugh".

07/09/03-Added a new gallery called 'Scare Tactics'.

19/08/03-Shannen attended Ben Affleck's birthday party in LA, held at a closed strip club in Hollywood, California on August 16th. New photos added to the 'In Public & Events' gallery.

02/08/03-Added some new Shannen photos from the 'Swat' Premiere from July 31st and some of her at a DeLuxe Nightclub on July 16th. They are all in the 'In Public & Events' gallery.

27/07/03-Added a new painting of Shannen that Dennis sent in and I've added a new Shannen Musical Movie made by Marko.

21/07/03-Dennis James Gergel Jr has sent in a an acrylic painting he did of Shannen. You can view it in the Fan Art section.

13/07/03-Uploaded a new interview called "A Moment With Shannen Doherty".

12/07/03-A special full-hour Halloween edition of 'Scare Tactics' is in the making. It will Feature the best, cruelest and most humorous pranks from the series, the special will also treat viewers to some of the pranks that never made it on-air, featuring jokes that went awry and the pranksters who couldn't pull it off.

06/07/03-I emailed Sky One and they have confirmed that 'Scare Tactics' will start on the 13th of August 2003 at 9:00PM. The wait appears to be longer than everyone thought.

04/07/03-'The View' with Shannen Doherty was just a rumour.

28/06/03-'Scare Tactics' is rumoured to start in the UK on Sky One on Wednesday the 9th of July. I'll be looking into this and I'll keep you posted with what I find out.

23/06/03-In Australia they will be showing the 'Beverly Hills, 90210: 10-Year High School Reunion' on Tuesday July 8th at 8.30PM on Channel 10. Also, the person who sent this information in also wanted to mention that Every Sunday and Wednesday at 7.30PM they show 'Charmed' Season 2 on Sunday and season 3 on Wednesday on the cable channel tv1 in Australia.

22/06/03-Uploaded a new Shannen article from tv Guide Online called 'What Scares Shannen Doherty?'

16/06/03-Uploaded a new Shannen article called 'Will S.Do Take on L.Jo?'

04/06/03-A celeb-themed episode of 'Scare Tactics' is in the works.

03/06/03-Sci Fi is bringing back 'Scare Tactics' for nine new episodes starting Friday June 20th. Host Shannen Doherty (described in Sci Fi press releases as "unforgettable") will also return for the new episodes. A "Candid Camera" show with a Sci Fi sensibility, "Scare Tactics" was created by Scott Hallock and Kevin Healey (NBC's "Spy tv"). It debuted on April 4 and fed into a rich vein of people who wanted to fool their loved ones into believing they were being abducted by aliens or babysitting a haunted house. The subjects scream, viewers at home laugh and catharsis is experienced all around. Since the show's premiere, the producers have been flooded with requests from people eager to set friends and family up on a good natured science fiction hoax.

31/05/03-More news on Shannen's new movie! JB Media is the production company which is producing this Telefilm. (Telefilm is based in Montreal so I guess that is why it is currently being filmed there) Anyway JB Media also produced Shannen's film 'The Rendering' last year. She has the leading role. Jayne and Michel Francoeur are also lead the cast. Shannen plays a young woman who unwittingly becomes the victim of a stalker and voyeur. The movie will likely have a tv release in the coming tv season. I can now officially confirm this so watch out!

26/05/03-David who owns the official Jayne Heitmeyer website (a Canadian actress) tells me that Shannen Doherty is filming a new movie called 'Night Light' and it is currently being filmed in Montreal. He knows this because Jayne Heitmeyer is also going to be in this movie. More information coming soon.

13/05/03-There's a 3 page article on the 'Beverly Hills, 90210: 10-Year High School Reunion' in this week's 'People' magazine. Issue date is May 19th 2003. Be sure to get a copy, there is some revealing information on the cast. I have added the interview to the usual section for you all.

12/05/03-'Charmed' was mentioned on 'Scare Tactics' last week, Shannen scared a young boy, at the end of the episode the guy said he missed her on 'Charmed' and she said "Aww..." and ran over and hugged him. Then he said "Damn Rose McGowan." Shannen then smiled and laughed.

11/05/03-Added brand new 'Beverly Hills: 10-Year High School Reunion' photos to the gallery. Check them out!

10/05/03-Added another new interview from tv Guide to the usual section. Shannen says that she did the reunion because she loves her fans. Aww!

01/05/03-Shannen is in the May issue of 'Steppin Out' magazine'. It's a big interview so be sure to get a copy. I have uploaded the interview and pictures for you to see over at the 'Articles and Interviews' section.

28/04/03-'Scare Tactics' hits the UK!!! It'll be on Sky One. More news coming soon

23/04/03-The gang from Beverly Hills, 90210 will reunite for an all-new special, Beverly Hills, 90210: 10-year High School Reunion, airing May 11 on Fox (9-10 pm/ET). According to the network, the special will feature members of the show's original cast — including Shannen Doherty Jason Priestley, Luke Perry, Jennie Garth and Gabrielle Carteris — sharing their favourite memories from the series and pinpointing the exact moment they realised they would never be movie stars. Tori Spelling doesn't appear to be taking part in the reunion.

22/04/03-Added lots of new photos to the 'In Public & Events' section. The first one is of Shannen with her goddaughter, cooper. The next 6 are of Shannen & Rick, they are at a department store named Barneys. The last 5 are from behind the scenes of 'Jimmy Kimmel live'.

21/04/03-In the German magazine 'YAM!' you will find a big article on Shannen. It's the April-May issue.

18/04/03-Shannen is in 'People weekly' magazine. The issue date is April 21 with Jessica Lynch on the cover. Make sure you grab a copy! (Thanks to Nick for letting me know and for the scan!) You will find the interview and scan under 'Articles and Interviews'.

12/04/03-HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANNEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We wish you all the best and hope you have an awesome time! x x x

10/04/03-Strong Start For 'Scare Tactics' on Sci Fi: 'Scare Tactics', Sci Fi Channel's Candid Camera-like series which debuted this past Friday at 10 p.m. ET as the most watched non-news cable program for the night in adults 18-49 (1.32 million). Back-to-back episodes of the half-hour series averaged a solid 1.5 household rating with 2.16 million total viewers. 'Scare Tactics' delivery among adults 18-49 was the best ever for any premiere on Sci Fi. Well done Shannen!!!

05/04/03-Shannen will be on the 'Last Call with Carson Daly' on April 10th on the NBC channel at 1:33AM, but make sure you check your tv guide as this information is subject to change. Shannen has rescheduled for 'JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE' on April 9th. Again, I recommend you check your tv guide in case of change. Thanks and enjoy!!!

03/04.03-Shannen cancelled JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE at the last minute. She backed out because of Mike Tyson. She probably didn't want to be near him because he once made a rude comment about her on live TV. Shannen WILL be on 'The View' tomorrow, no changes to that. I've also uploaded another new interview and 2 new pictures to go with it.

02/04/03-Shannen is going to be on Late Night with Conan O’Brien this Friday (April 4th) at 12.35PM. Don't miss it! Shannen will be on tv 3 times this Friday! (more details in the note made on 28/03/03)

01/04/03-Shannen is in this weeks 'Entertainment Weekly'. I've added the interview to the Articles and Interviews section.

28/03/03-Shannen is going to appear on three talk shows the next week, don't forget to watch them!! Shannen will be promoting 'Scare Tactics'. Details: 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', on the ABC channel on April 1st at 12:00PM. The View, on the ABC channel on April 3rd at 10:00AM. 'The Wayne Brady Show', Channel 9 on April 4th at 10:00AM. 'Scare Tactics' is also aired the same day at 10:00PM! (April 4th)

27/03/03-This isn't really a big deal, but I thought I'd mention that you will see Prue in the upcoming 'Charmed' episode of 'Cat House' BUT This will only be old footage as a flashback so don't get the wrong idea because Shannen hasn't returned :(

26/03/03-For those who think the pranks may be too mean-spirited on 'Scare Tactics' the producers assure everyone that the show's staff creates detailed bios on each person to ensure that they can handle the kind of situations in which they might be placed. "That's very important to note," producer Kevin Healey says of the selection process. "We're not just playing these wacky, crazy jokes on people who are unsuspecting. We work very hard with friends and family members to make sure that the joke's appropriate for them, that they'll get a kick out of it, all that kind of stuff. That they don't have any health problems."

12/03/03-Added a new chat room because a lot of people were having problems with the other one. The new one works with all windows, be sure to check it out.

11/03/03-Added a new musical video clip from 'Charmed'! It's about the relationship of Prue & Piper over the years. Please be patient when downloading the video clip, it may take awhile. You will find it in the Multimedia section under 'Video Clips'

10/03/03-The repeat of Last Tuesday's guest on 'Caroline Rhea' will be seen on March 12th on early Wednesday morning at 12:00AM on the Family Channel. Shannen will be the first to be scheduled to talk with Caroline. She discussed her upcoming tv reality show 'Scare Tactics' and more. Don't miss it.

01/03/03-Uploaded an exclusive 'Charmed' game. Click here for a direct link, hope you enjoy it. Feel free to email me any feedback.

15/01/03-Shannen is one of the many celebrities to feature in the upcoming 'Celebrity Death match' video game. The game is coming out for Game cube, PS2 and Xbox.

14/01/03-'Scare Tactics' will start on April 4th 2003 at 10:00PM in the USA. Don't miss it! To see the official website for the show click here.