2002 News

News on Shannen! (2002)

27/12/02-Shannen was on 'V Graham Norton' in the UK. It was a brand new appearance! Hope you guys managed to catch it. If you live in the USA then I have some good news! Shannen's OLD appearance on 'Graham Norton' is scheduled to air on BBC America on Wednesday, January 8th at 11:00PM New York Time, with a repeat later that night (early Thursday 1/9) at 2:00AM New York Time.

24/12/02-Shannen has a new interview and photos in 'YAM' magazine. Scans have been added to the 'Magazine Pictures & Photo Shoots' gallery.

10/12/02-'The Rendering' (a.ka. 'Portrait Of Murder') will be released on DVD on the 12th of February 2003, in Australia. More dates coming soon.

05/12/02-Shannen Doherty and Alyssa Milano attend the '4th Annual Motorola Holiday Party' benefiting Toys for Tots at The Lot on December 5th, 2002 in West Hollywood, California. I have added new photos to the 'In Public & Events' gallery from this event. Also, I'd just like to mention that Shannen & Alyssa didn't attend together.

25/11/02- Shannen hosted VH1 Bubblegum Babylon. It's about the life of Teenage Singers like Britney Spears, BackStreet Boys, The Monkees...and bubble gum.

30/10/02-Shannen attends the press conference of 'Hell on Heels: The Battle of Mary Kay' at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. More new pictures added to the 'In Public & Events' gallery!

23/10/02-Shannen Doherty, Brandon Davis and Dorian Gregory go to the 'Nintendo Goes Platinum!' celebration. Added new to the 'In Public & Events' gallery!

18/10/02-Shannen attends a party for absolute vodka and Stella's new advertising campaign (Rose McGowan also attended) at the Chateau Marmont Hotel, in Hollywood, California. I have added the new pictures to the 'In Public & Events' gallery.

13/10/02-Two new pictures added to the 'In Public & Events' gallery.

12/10/02-Shannen and her husband, Rick attended a fund-raiser, in the Century Plaza Hotel in LA, by invitation of philanthropist, Nancy Davis to raise money for MS. New pics added to the 'In Public & Events' gallery.

22/9/02-Shannen attended Sarah Michelle Gellar's wedding. I have added some photos of Shannen at the airport to the 'In Public & Events' gallery.

24/8/02-Ive added another new picture to the 'In Public & Events' gallery.

28/7/2002 Shannen Doherty and goddaughter, Cooper attend the 'Spy Kids 2: The Island Of Lost Dreams' premiere. I have added the latest pictures to the 'In Public & Events' picture gallery, remember all the new pictures are always added to the bottom.

NEW TELEVISION SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also big NEWS for ALL Shannen's fans! No, she's not returning to 'Charmed'. Actually she's not acting, directing or producing.......she's hosting. That's right folks, she's hosting. In 2003, Shannen is hosting a new show called 'Scare Tactics'. A weekly premiere show. They have already ordered 13 episodes. The show is created by Kevin Healey and Scott Hallock. Its like Spy TV, Fear Factor and all those kind of shows. It will be on the SCI-FI channel. I am certain that Shannen will be promoting the new show in the fall. I'm really looking forward to this!

Shannen has yet ANOTHER MOVIE called 'Hell on Heels: The battle of Mary Kay'. The film is about two companies who are battling it out for customers, Mary Kay (Shirley MacLaine), and one of her workers Lexi Wilcox (Shannen Doherty) are fighting it out with Jinger Heath (Parker Posey).

Shannen has done another movie 'The Rendering' (a.k.a 'Portrait of Murder'). She plays Sarah, who is an artist. One night she gets brutally attacked with a knife, by a stalker and is lucky to live. She then ends up drawing a perfect sketch of her assailant and he gets put into jail. After she got better and left hospital, she was persuaded to use her artistic gifts to help other victims identify their attackers.
Years then pass and Sarah Reynolds is now married and living with the secret of her traumatic past. While assisting the police with the sketch of a man who has sexually attacked and murder several women, Sarah comes to the horrifying realisation that the man she is drawing is her husband, Michael. Despite her efforts to protecting is her husband, Michael. Despite her efforts to protect him, Michael is jailed after being identified by one of the victims.
Sarah then does some investigating and soon hears that her attacker wants a meeting with her the day before his parole hearing. She ends up meeting him, and he asks her to agree on his release. She disagrees, but then when he tells her that he will make Michael's life hell in prison. She knows what the attacker can do and that he'll kill Michael so she agrees to put her own life in danger and let a murderer walk free, while she does some more investagating. She works quickly to prove her husband's innocence and then finally she does. Her husband walks free and then the killer is on the loose. I'll leave the rest for you guys to find out!

Shannen went to another premiere with her close friend, Sarah Michelle Geller for 'Scooby Doo, where are you?' Sarah plays Daphne. Based on a Cartoon show. About four friends and a dog who help solve a crime and mysteries.

Shannen and Richard attended another function together as husband and wife since they married in January.

Shannen attended a White House Luncheon. Later on she attended the premiere of 'Harry Potter' and 'Star Wars'.

Shannen attended a function called White Diamond. Also there, Rose McGowan, who's on 'Charmed' this Season. Both Rose and Shannen both worked together in a movie called 'Nowhere' in 1997.

In January, Shannen wed film maker, Richard Solomon in a private wedding in Las Vegas, Nevada. Holly Marie combs was a guest. Shannen and Richard lead a private life away from the paparazzi.