Plaza September 23rd 2010

Makeup artist Riku Campo did Shannen's make up in three different ways. These are the latest looks for Autumn! Riku asked about her own make-up habits and news.

She became a star during Beverly Hills 90210 TV series where she played Brenda. She has been in many movie roles, sitcoms and reality shows. Shannen also directed and produced TV programs. And now she has made her debut as a writer. Her book, "Badass" will be released worldwide in November. The book is not a biography, but more of a guide for women.

Riku: Shannen, what make up do you use in your everyday life?
Shannen: The most important thing is skin care and a lot of moisture in my skin. I do not use make up in my everyday life and at home I never wear make up. The only cosmetic product I use is a moisturizer with a sun protection factor, which is always needed in LA.

Riku: What make up from the photoshoot do you like the most?
Shannen: I love all three, but the Armani look was probably the most fun when I got to be a blonde! Clarins-look is really beautiful and Dior make-up is mostly me, because that is the kind of eye makeup I use when I go out in the evenings.

Riku: What films and projects have you been doing recently?
Shannen: I just recently came back from Toronto, filming a new movie called WitchSlayer, and will start new projects in the near future. Badass will also be out soon.

Riku: Have you ever been to Finland?
Shannen: No, but I should go there! It is now on my list next time I travel to Europe.

Below are the three different Autumn looks: