New York Daily News February 2005

New York Daily News February 2005

“It’s such a weird thing, Fashion Week, with all of the celebrities, and all of the different sorts of people sitting around,” the 33-year-old reformed brawler turned sharp-eyed social critic told Lowdown in the Bryant Park tents on Monday. “Aliens would be like, ‘What?’ What are these people doing? Wow, this is humans for ya’.”

Doherty continued: “We’re obsessed with clothes and tall women. I think we’ve become a little too obsessed with material things and the way people look and all of that. What happened to our country?”

And what about all the celebs grabbing for swag?

“The free stuff is always a little strange to me,” she replied, maybe a little unconvincingly.

What lesson would a visiting historian glean from the proceedings?

“Where we went wrong!” intoned the former “Beverly Hills 90210? star, who’s now a regular on the frothy Fox Television series “North Shore.”

The conservatively clad Doherty insisted that she hasn’t reunited with porn-purveying ex-hubby Rick Salomon, even though the pair were a swag-snatching tag team at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, last month.

“We weren’t together at Sundance - there was a big group of us. My thing about Rick is we were married. It doesn’t mean when you get a divorce that you don’t remain friends,” she explained. “I adore him, I love him, I think he’s an incredibly special guy, but as far as being in a relationship, we are not in a relationship.

“I’ve been very, very, very happily single since October - I ended my previous relationship [with hotelier Jason Pomeranc], and it thrills me to no end. I’m just sort of hanging out and being a single girl and enjoying the moment. I think that to just be a girl and have fun is so incredibly important.”