NY Post August 6th 2004
NY Post August 6th 2004

By Cindy Adams.

Fri Aug 06, 1:49 AM ET

SHANNEN Doherty in jeans, white silk beaded shell, orange spike sandals, long, long hair came by for lunch. Size 2, she dissed the veggies and went right for the meatloaf. Lord knows I'm not one to notice how much a person in my home eats or anything, but she had two pieces.

Never having met Shannen before, I was totally depressed at with glaring sunshine streaming down how gorgeous she is. Not a line, zit or hair on that face. Now 33, hurt career-wise by being a diva in her "90210" days, she says: "I used to get scared and worry if parts would still come my way afterwards. Look, I was just 18 then. I'd been raised strong and to believe in myself by parents I adore, so I thought my opinions would be valued and respected. Don't have to follow them but at last hear them.

"Well, I was wrong. Maybe it was all fanned to get p.r. for the show, I don't know. Today Julia, Angelina, Nicole, Gwyneth, strong women, finally paved the way."

OK, so what's coming up for her? A couple of TV shows. One's a "funny, heartbreaking" series for which she's done the treatment. "I play a girl who's dating. Women will love it; men will wonder, am I really that big a jerk? It's the true hardships like, you trust him then find he's got a girlfriend. It's, for instance, picking the wrong guy some stuff's from my own life. I'm a romantic who has a talent for picking really bad guys.

"I've learned from them all and only regret my first marriage. People wrote I'm again seeing my ex [the same Rick Solomon from Paris Hilton's porno video] but I'm not. We met at a party recently. I'm close to my ex-stepchildren, so we're friendly. I'm seeing someone else lately. The truth is, it's hard to date me because of the gossip.

"Mostly I'm passionate about my career. Next to my parents, it's what I care about most. I call my mother five times a day. I bought [my parents] a house near mine in Malibu. My father, my hero, had a stroke and lost his speech while I was on '90210.' I'd finish work, go straight to the hospital, sleep there overnight, come back to work. And nobody knew.

"What I want people to know now is, I was never a screaming mess on that set."