The ultimate episode guide

The ultimate episode guide

Times Are A Changing..part 1= September 27th 1982
Times Are A Changing part 2= October 4th 1982
Welcome To Olsenville= October 11th 1982
Rage= October 18th 1982
Little Lou= October 25th 1982
The Wild Boy...part 1= November 1st 1982
The Wild Boy...Part 2= November 8th 1982
The Return Of Nellie= November 15th 1982
The Empire Builders= November 22nd 1982
Love= November 29th 1982
Alden's Dilemma= December 6th 1982
Marvin's Garden= January 3rd 1983
Sins Of The Fathers= January 10th 1983
The Older Brothers= January 17th 1983
Once Upon A Time= January 24th 1983
Home Again= February 7th 1983
A Child With No Name= February 14th 1983
The Last Summer= February 21st 1983
For The Love Of Blanche= March 7th 1983
May I Have This Dance?= March 14th 1983
Hello And Goodbye= March 21st 1993

Look Back To Yesterday= December 12th 1983
The Last Farewell= February 6th 1984
Bless All The Dear Children= December 17th 1984

Home Again= September 11th 1986
The Money Machine= September 14th 1986
Families And Friends= September 21st 1986
The Lonesome Of Old Caboose= September 28th 1986
The Third Question= October 5th 1986
See You In Court= October 12th 1986
Small Steps Up A Small Mountain= October 19th 1986
Choices= October 26th 1986
First Impressions= November 2nd 1986
Different Habits= November 9th 1986
Off We Go= November 16th 1986
Heart Of A Dancer= November 23nd 1986
Green Christmas= December 14th 1986
Family Secrets= January 4th 1987
A Point Of View= January 11th 1987
The Best Intentions= January 18th 1987
The 100 Year Old Weekend= February 1st 1987
Past Tense, Future Tense...part 1= February 8th 1987
Past Tense, Future Tense...part 2= February 15th 1987
Friends= February 22nd 1987
Giving ‘Em The Business= March 1st 1987
Growing Up, Growing Old= March 15th 1987
The Road Out OF Briarpatch= March 22nd 1987
The Children's Crusade= May 3rd

Sounds From A Silent Clock...part 1= September 13th 1987
Sounds From A Silent Clock...part 2= September 20th 1987
A Silence, Fallen Tree= September 27th 1987
Dancing In The Dark= October 4th 1987
The Witherspoon War= October 18th 1987
The Haunting= October 25th 1987
Candles And Shadows= November 1st 1987
The Springtown Treasures= November 15th 1987
They Also Serve= November 22nd 1987
Like Father Like Son= November 29th 1987
Sunday's Hero, Monday's Goat= December 6th 1987
Balance Of Power= January 10th 1988
Call It A Draw= January 17th 1988
Finish The Day= January 24th 1988
Two-Beat, Four-Beat= February 7th 1988
Trouble In Paradise...Part one= February 14th 1988
Trouble In Paradise...Part Two= February 21st 1988
Out Of Step= February 28th 1988
The Ashton Street Gang= March 6th 1988
The Fifth Beatle= March 13th 1988
Neighborhood Watch= May 1st 1988
Artful Dodging= May 8th 1988

BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 - SEASON ONE= 1990-1991
Class of Beverly Hills= October, 4th 1990
The Green Room= October, 11th 1990
Every Dream Has Its Price( Tag)= October, 18th
The First Time= October, 25th 1990
One On One= November, 1st 1990
Higher Education= November 15th 1990
Perfect Mom= November 22nd 1990
The 17-Year Itch= November 29th 1990
The Gentle Art Of Listening= December, 6th 1990
Isn’t It Romantic?= January 3rd 1991
B.Y.O.B= January 10th 1991
One Man And A Baby= January 24th 1991
Slumber Party= January 31st 1991
East Side Story= February 14trh 1991
A Fling In Palms Spring( aka'Palm Spring Weekend)=Feb.21st 1991
Fame Is Where You Find It= February 28th
Stand( Up) And Deliver= March 7th 1991
It’s Only A Test= March 28th 1991
April Is The Cruelest Month= April 11th 1991
Spring Training= April 25th 1991
Spring Dance= May 2nd 1991
Home Again= May 9th 1991

BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 - SEASON TWO= 1991-1992
Beach Blanket Brandon= July 11th 1991
The Party Fish= July 18th 1991
Summer Storm= July 25th 1991
Anaconda= August 1st 1991
Play It Again, David= August 8th 1991
Pass/Not Pass= August 15th 1991
Camping Trip= August 29th 1991
Wildfire= September 12h 1991
Ashes To Ashes= September 19th 1991
Necessity Is A Mother= September 26th 1991
Leading From The Heart= October 10th 1991
Down And Out Of District In Beverly Hills= October 17th 1991
Halloween= October 31st 1991
The Next 50 Years= November 7th 1991
U4EA= November 14th 1991
My Desperate Valentine= November 21st 1991
Chuckie’s Back= December 12th
A Walsh Family Christmas= December 19th 1991
Fire And Ice= January 9th 1992
A Competitive Edge= January 23rd 1992
Everybody’s Talkin’ ‘Bout it= February 6th 1992
Baby Makes Five= February 13th 1992
Cardio Funk= Febuary 27th 1992
The Pit And The Pendulum= March 19th 1992
Meeting Mr. Pony= April 2nd 1992
Things To Do On A Rainy Day= April 23rd 1992
Mexican Standoff= April 30th 1992
Wedding Bell Blues= May 7th 1992

BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 - SEASON THREE= 1992-1993
Misery Loves Company= July 15th 1992
The Twins, The Trustee, and The Very Big Trip= July 22nd 1992
Too Little, Too Late/Paris 75001= July 29th 1992
Sex, Lies and Volleyball/Photo Fini= August 5th 1992
Shooting Stars/ American In Paris= August 12th 1992
Castles In The Sand= August 19th 1992
A Song Of Myself= September 9th 1992
The Back Story= September 16th 1992
Highwire= September 23rd 1992
Home And Away= October 7th 1992
A Presumption Of Innocence= October 21st 1992
Destiny Rides Again= November 4th 1992
Rebel With Out A Cause= November 11th 1992
Wild Horses= November 18th 1992
The Kindness Of Strangers= November 25th 1992
It’s A Totally Happening Life= December 16th 1992
The Game Is Chicken= January 6th 1993
Midlife'.Now What?= January 13th 1993
Back In The High Life Again= January 27th 1993
Parental Guidance Recommended= February 3rd 1993
Dead End= February 10th 1993
The Child Is Father To A Man= February 17th 1993
Duke’s Bad Boy= March 3rd 1993
Perfectly Perfect= March 24th 1993
Senior Poll= April 7th 1993
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window= April 21st 1993
A Night To Remember= April 28th 1993
Something In The Air= May 12th 1993
Commencement( 1)= May 19th 1993
Commencement( 2)= May 19th 1993

BEVERLY HILLS, 90210 - SEASON FOUR= 1993- 1994
So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye= September 8th 1993
The Girl From New York City= September 15th 1993
The Little Fish= September 22nd 1993
Greek To Me= September 29th 1993
Radio Daze= October 6th 1993
Strangers In The Night= October 13th 1993
Moving Targets= October 20th 1993
Twenty Years Ago Today= October 27th 1993
Otherwise Engaged= November 3rd 1993
And Did It'My Way= November 10th 1993
Take Back In The Night= November 17th 1993
Radar Love= November 24th 1993
Emily(aka'The Pink Pear!) December 1st 1993
Windstruck= December 15th 1993
Somewhere In The World It’s Christmas= December 22nd 1993
Crunch Time= January 5th 1994
Thicker Than Water= January 12th 1994
HeartBreaker= January 26th 1994
The Labor Of Love= February 2nd 1994
Scared Very Straight= February 9th 1994
Addicted To Love= February 16th 1994
Change Partners= February 23rd 1994
A Pig Is A Boy Is A Dog= March 2nd 1994
Cuffs And Links= March 16th 1994
The Time Has Come Today= March 23rd 1994
Blind Spot= April 6th 1994
Divas= April 20th 1994
Acting Out= April 27th 1994
Truth And Consequences= May 4th 1994
Vitals Signs= May 11th 1994
Mr. Walsh Goes To Washington( 1)= May 25th 1994
Mr. Walsh Goes To Washington(2)= May 25th 1994

Something Wicca This Way Comes= October, 7th 1998
I've You Under My Skin= October, 14th, 1998
Thank You For Not Morphing= October, 21st 1998
Dead Man Dating= October, 28th 1998
Dream Sorcerer= November, 4th 1998
The Wedding From Hell= November, 11th 1998
The Fourth Sister= November, 18th 1998
The Truth Is Out There And It Hurts= November, 25th 1998
The Witch Is Back= December 16th, 1998
Wicca Envy= January 13th 1999
Feast Of Clay= January 20th 1999
The Wendigo= February 3rd 1999
From Fear To Eternity= February 10th 1999
Secrets And Guys= February 17th, 1999
Is There A Woggy In The House= February 24th 1999
Which Prue is it Anyway?= March 3rd 1999
That 70's Episode= April 7th 1999
When Bad Warlocks Turn Good= April, 28th 1999
Out Of Sight= May 5th 1999
The Power Of Two= May 12th 1999
Love Hurts= May 19th 1999
Deja Vu All Over Again= May 26th 1999

Witch Trail= September 30th 1999
Morality Bites= October, 7th 1999
The Painted World= October, 14th 1999
The Devil's Music= October, 21st 1999
She's A Man, Baby, A Man= November, 4th 1999
That Old Black Magic= November 11th 1999
They're Everywhere= November 18th 1999
P3 H2O= December 9th, 1999
Ms. Hellfire= January 13th 2000
Heartbreak City= January 20th 2000
Reckless Abandon= January 27th 2000
Awakened= February 3rd 2000
Animal Pragmatism= February 10th 2000
Pardon My Past= February 17th 2000
Give Me A Sign= February 24th 2000
Murphy's Luck= March 30th 2000
How To Make A Quilt Out Of An American= April 6th 2000
Chick Flick= April 20th 2000
Ex Libris= April 27th 2000
Astral Monkey= May 4th 2000
Apocalypse Not= May 11th 2000
Becareful What You Wish For= May 18th 2000 (Shannen first Charmed directional debut)

The Honeymoon's Over= October 5th 2000
Magic Hour= October 12th 2000
Once Upon A Time= October 19th 2000
All Halliwell's Eve= October 26th 2000
Sight Unseen= November 2nd 2000
Primose Empath= November 9th 2000
Power Outage= November 16th 2000
Sleuthing With The Enemy= December 14th 2000
Coyote Piper= January 11th 2001
We All Scream For Ice Cream= January 18th 2001
Blinded By The Whitelighter= January 25th 2001
Wrestling With The Demons= February 2nd 2001
Bride And Gloom= February 8th 2001
The Good, The Bad and the Cursed= Feb.15th 2001 (Shannen's second Directional)
Just Harried= February 22nd 2001
Death Takes A Halliwell= March 15th 2001
Pre-Witched= March 22nd 2001
Sin Francisco= April 19th 2001
The Demon Who Came In From The Cold= Apr.26th 2001
Exit Strategy= May 3rd 2001
Look Who's Barking= May 10th 2001
All Hell Breaks Loose= May 17th 2001 (Shannen's third and last directional on Charmed)

101: UFO Abduction, Firing Range, Buried Alive, Camp Killer= April 4th 2003
102: Bigfoot Attacks, Where's Shannen?, Flatline, Psycho Hitchhiker= April 4th 2003
103: Clone Attack, Repo Man, Orgy from Hell, Monkey Trouble= April 11th 2003
104: Meteor Man, Barbershop of Blood, Date with the Devil, Taxi Cab Carnage= April 18th 2003
105: Ghost Train, Body in Trunk, Dominatrix for a Day, Desert Monster= April 25th 2003
106: Limo in Area 51, Monster in the Closet, Organ Harvest, Disappearing Stripper= May 2nd 2003
107: Harsh Reality, Dr. Werewolf, Boy in a Bubble, Virgin Sacrifice= May 9th 2003
108: UFO Trailer Attack, The Cannibal Family, Séance from Hell, Driving the Dead= June 20th 2003
109: Chupacabra Attack, Deadly Secret, Lights Out, Black Magic= June 27th 2003
110: Tanning Salon Terror, Cable Killers, Little Girl Psychic, Runaway Corpse= July 11th 2003
111: Hazmat Hell, Surgery Nightmare, Death Lunch, Bad Seed= July 18th 2003
112: Laboratory Meltdown, Eye Witness, Unborn Clones, Silo Scare= July 25th 2003
113: Lab Spill, Haunted Babysitter, Serial Killer, Hellride= August 1st 2003
114: Deadly Feast, Fear in the Box, Fear Antics: Psycho, Maniac Cop= August 8th 2003
115: Killer Clown, Lethal Conversation, Caught on Camera, Demonic Duel= August 15th 2003
116: Chainsaw Attack, Beastly Breakout, Deadly Hicks, Alien Returns= August 22nd 2003
117: Dangerous Obsession, Web of Evil, Laboratory of Blood, Repo from Hell= September 5th 2003
118: Security Breach, Taste for Blood, Zombie Grandma, Killer Car= September 12th 2003
119: Bad Medicine, Killer Queen, Dead Alive, Alien Hunters= September 19th 2003
120: Massacre Under the House, Unholy Ground, Video Victim, Mask of Death= September 26th 2003
121: Lethal Touch, Showgirl's Revenge, Terror Next Door, Bigfoot Returns= October 3rd 2003
122: Home Invasion, Demonic Possession, Fatal Beauty, The Hunted= October 10th 2003
123: Scare Tactics Scare tac-ular!: The Bloody Mirror, The Poltergiest, The Ouija Board, The Amityville Horror= October 31st 2003

201: Rage from the Cage, Killer Bees, Bring Out the Gimp, Grave Robbers= March 4th 2004
202: Street Justice, That's Not Santa, Freaks Come Out at Night, Possessed Office= March 11th 2004
203: Gorilla with a Fist, Regression Aggression, Fear Antics: Mandroid's Revenge, Flowers for My Lady= March 18th 2004
203: Gorilla with a Fist, Regression Aggression, Fear Antics: Mandroid's Revenge, Flowers for My Lady= March 25th 2004
205: Brother's Keeper, Cult Compound Crackdown, Revenge of the Switchhiker, Drug Ring Sting= April 1st 2004
206: Toilet Full of Scary, Desert Cult Trailer Attack, Wrath of the Mummy, Juvenile Justice= April 15th 2004
207: Slaughterhouse of Horror, Porn Dorm Massacre, Desert Ritual, Walk-in Portal= April 22nd 2004
208: Wired for Revenge, Shave and a Headcut, Summon the Demon, Fear Antics: Hotel Hell= May 6th 2004

Alexandra= September 20th 2004
Bellport= September 27th 2004
Leverage= November 4th 2004
Illusions= November 11th 2004
The Big One= November 18th 2004
The Cook, The Waitress, The GH and his lover= December 2nd 2004
Sucker Punch= December 9th 2004
Cat Walk= December 16th 2004
Shark= January 6th 2005
The Ex-Games= January 13th 2005
The End= August 27th 2005

Line Up, Let Go; Breaking Up For Shannen= August 22nd 2006
Hungry for Love; Need My Helpline= August 22nd 2006
You Be The Judge; Consortium= August 29th 2006
Based on a True Story; He Said, She Said= September 5th 2006
FBI Sting; Reality Check= September 12th 2006
You Need My Helpline; Chemistry Test= September 19th 2006
Better Off; Insecurity Check= September 26th 2006
Who Said What?; Drag It Out= October 3rd 2006
Jury of Your Peers= October 10th 2006
The Survey; Focus Group= October 17th 2006
Technical Difficulties; Tragedy Plus Time= October 24th 2006
Meet My Parents; Crash= October 31st 2006
Psychic; Dancing With Myself= November 7th 2006

90210 - SEASON ONE= 2008-2009
The Jet Set= 2 September 2008
The Bubble= 16 September 2008
Wide Awake and Dreaming= 23 September 2008
Model Behavior= 30 September 2008
That Which We Destroy= 18 November 2008
Hello, Goodbye, Amen= 6 January 2009
One Party Can Ruin Your Whole Summer= 19 May 2009

Episode 1= 3 June 2010
Episode 2= 3 June 2010
Episode 3= 10 June 2010
Episode 4= 10 June 2010
Episode 5= 17 June 2010
Episode 6= 17 June 2010
Episode 7= 24 June 2010
Episode 8= 24 June 2010

Rules of Engagement= 10 April 2012
Location, Location, Location= 17 April 2012
Shannen’s Ready, Is Kurt?= 29 April 2012
When It Comes to Kurt’s Career, He’s Single= 29 April 2012
A Wedding in Prague-ress= 6 May 2012
Dress Mess= 6 May 2012
The Wedding Gift= 13 May 2012
The Wedding= 13 May 2012

Kentucky= 2 January 2015
Tennessee= 2 January 2015
Mississippi= 9 January 2015
Alabama= 9 January 2015
Georgia= 16 January 2015
Florida= 23 January 2015