Entertainment Tonight September 1st 2005
Entertainment Tonight September 1st 2005

Months before Hurricane Katrina was even a gentle breeze, CBS announced it would be making a sequel to last year's "Category 6: Day of Destruction." "Category 7: The End of the World," a four-hour miniseries airing Sunday, Nov. 6 and 13, begins where last year's mini left off with the super storm, which swept up RANDY QUAID, building in size.

"He somehow survived the tornado in the last movie," Randy tells ET's KEVIN FRAZIER of his character, storm chaser Tommy Tornado. "He was hurled into the sky, landed in Lake Michigan and somehow survived. There is a scene where he is in the hospital and every bone in his body is broken."

The cataclysmic storm is ravaging the rest of the world and headed toward the U.S, when discredited scientist Faith Clavell (SHANNEN DOHERTY) hooks up with Tommy in an attempt to discover why the squall is so severe.

Shannen admits the reason she signed on to the project was to work with Randy, and makes no bones about the fact that she finds him to be quite attractive.

"Randy Quaid is very sexy and a really good kisser," she says. "There are so many things that go into making a man sexy: Ruggedness, down-homeness, sincerity, rugged good looks and a sense of humor. He is all of those things. I had a joy kissing him in my kissing scene. They should have written more!"

While Shannen admits that she has never been in either a tornado or a hurricane, saying "I would be running for cover with all the other smart people," Randy hasn't been so lucky. "I grew up in Houston," he says. "Hurricanes came through there. The worst one was Hurricane Carla back in '61. It was very powerful."

"Category 7: The End of the World" also stars GINA GERSHON as FEMA Director Judith Carr, TOM SKERRITT as Col. Mike Davis, a pilot, and JAMES BROLIN and SWOOSIE KURTZ as Donny and Penny Hall, a television evangelist and his wife, who use the threat of the storm to issue dire biblical warnings .