Celebrities and TV Listings October 17th 2010

Q: "Growing the big one" - the "big one" being an enormous pumpkin - is a much more genteel movie that you normally make. Did this come at a time when such a story especially appealed to you?

A: They don't appeal to me on a regular basis; I wouldn't only choose this kind of movie to do. However, I loved working with Hallmark. Their movies are very accessible and there's always sort of a family feel on the set. For me, having nieces and nephews and a goddaughter, it's kind of important to do something every once in a while that my brother feels his kids can watch. They can sit down as a family and watch Aunt Shannen on TV. I thought this was really cute and also very different for me. There was more softness and vulnerability to this character.

Q: Not to give up any movie magic, but were the giant pumpkins in the film real?

A: I'm sure that somewhere, somebody has grown a gigantic pumpkin somewhere...but not on our set. It'd be really interesting to see an actual pumpkin the size of those.

Q: What do you think about your thriller movies getting so much play, especially on Lifetime and Lifetime Movie Network?

A: You know what's funny? I have never actually made a movie for Lifetime (the films already were made, then purchased by the network), but I've become "the Lifetime movie girl". I mean, I'll tune in and it's nonstop Shannen Doherty! And I've never worked for them.