Belfast Telegraph May 1st 2012

Shannen Doherty can't live without her Ray-Ban Aviators as they make her "feel good" even when she doesn't look it.

The 90210 star has recently published a book titled, Badass: A Hard-Earned Guide To Living Life With Style And (The Right) Attitude. Shannen, who describes her personal dress sense as "classic and simple", has a few style staples she can't live without.

"My Ray-Ban Aviators. They fit my face perfectly and even when I feel like I'm not looking great, I slip them on and feel good," she told Stylelist.

"I can't live without my Blistex DCT lip balm. My husband says my lips are so soft. [Also] any of my Chanel purses. They are classic and never go out of style."

Shannen avoids the latest trends as she "simply goes with what looks good on [her]". While she favours high-end brands including Lanvin, Chanel and Chloé, the raven-haired star also relies on more vintage pieces to fill her wardrobe.

"A perfect pair of worn-in jeans. You can put anything with a great pair of jeans and be ready for whatever comes your way," she said.

Shannen is renowned for her alabaster skin. The 41-year-old actress added she always has sunscreen at the ready because "she needs it!"